2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Monster Project
CD Label Monster Project
CD Number N/A
Music by: The Monster Project
Number of tracks 17
Running time 37:44
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 2005


February 22, 2006
by Larry Tuczynski

The Monster Project is:
Adam Alexander - founder/arranger/bass
Jeff Aldrich - guitar
Christopher Carroll - percussion/sound fx
John Celentano - drums
Eric Hertenstein - keyboards
Kelly Pratt - trumpet/flugelhorn

This CD from 2005 seems to be an independent effort. The copy I received has no CD number or company name. It just says The Monster Project. The CD is mostly made up of Akira Ifukube pieces from various Godzilla movies from 1954 to 1975 with the majority sounding like they come from the first 1954 movie. Track 1 is a medley of music from the films: "Friday The 13th", "Halloween" and "A Nightmare On Elm Street". Track 17 is from "Swan Lake (Act II, Scene X)" and was also used as the opening music for Bela Lugosi's "Dracula" and "The Mummy". The rest of the tracks are made up of Akira Ifukube Godzilla music.

I found this CD to be quite enjoyable. It certainly won't make you forget Ifukube's full orchestra soundtracks but is a good effort none the less. It certainly deserves a place in your pile of Godzilla related CD's, especially for those completests (like me) who need every Godzilla related CD they can find.

For more information on the band and an email address to get info on obtaining a CD, go to: http://www.themonsterproject.com.

The Monster Project

  1. The Slasher Suite
    (a medley of music from the films: "Friday The 13th", "Halloween" and "A Nightmare On Elm Street")
  2. Kaiju Daisenso (featuring pieces by Akira Ifukube from Godzilla films 1954 - 1975)

  3. Godzilla Approaches
  4. Godzilla Comes Ashore
  5. Main Title
  6. Horror In The Water Tank
  7. Godzilla To Tokyo Bay
  8. Godzilla vs. Mothra
  9. King Kong vs. Godzilla
  10. Two Monsters Appear In Yokohama
  11. Namikawa On Planet X
  12. Monsters Of Earth Gather
  13. Birth Of Ghidorah
  14. Battle On Mt. Fuji
  15. Dr. Mafune's Past
  16. Terror Of MechaGodzilla
  17. Ending
  18. Swan Lake (Act II, Scene X)