2008 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Phoenix (?)
CD Label BRAIN Company, Ltd.
CD Number OSBR-22043
Music by: Otsu Symphonic Band
Music Conducted by: Hirokazu Morishima
Number of tracks 11
Running time 73:38
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture June 10, 2006


May 23, 2008

This CD is very classical in nature and performed by the Otsu Symphonic Band. The CD is on this site because track 9 & 10 are part of Akira Ifukube's "Ballata Sinfonica". I'm not sure of the title of this disc because there is very little info about it on the web but I will try to get a better title. The few sites that list this disc get translated to Phoenix for the title. The disc itself is a pleasant sounding disc and will appeal to people who enjoy classical music done mostly by wind instruments.

Phoenix (?)

  1. Lament for Wind Orchestra
  2. Genjyo
  3. Rainbow Breeze March
  4. Sharaku
  5. Dancing In The Wind - Kaze-No-Mai
  6. Ho-O-Jin-ai cho-fu
  7. Summon The Heroes
  8. A Guide To The Advanced Technique
  9. Ballata Sinfonica I
  10. Ballata Sinfonica II
  11. Der Vogelhendler