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ALL info and scans courtesy of Brandon O'Brian

Title War History of Men - Toho War Movies Soundtrack Collection
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number P-0001/P-0002
Music by: Masaru Sato
Ikuma Dan
Riichiro Manabe
Toshiaki Tsushima
Hachiro Matsui
Katsuhisa Hattori
Harumi Ibe
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 52
Disc 2 - 47
Running time Disc 1 - 77:34
Disc 2 - 77:29
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture December 22, 2005


June 16, 2016
Review and all other info on this page courtesy of Brandon O'Brian

The following is a temporary review to hold you guys over until my final review is completed. This is actually the first three paragraphs of my unfinished final review, only slightly edited so it can be used as the temporary review.

Toho Music Corporation released this impressive two disc set in December 2005 featuring music from war films produced by Toho. In all, this set contains music from the scores to fifteen war films from 1959 to 1984. One impressive thing about this set is the amount of material found on the set that was previously unreleased, and still hasn't been made available outside of this set. Only a small amount of music, mainly material by Masaru Sato, has been previously released. We get music from seven composers here, with the bulk of the music being composed by Masaru Sato and Ikuma Dan. This set also contains some wonderful surprises such as the selections from Riichiro Manabe's score to "The Militarists".

Packaging design is pretty good. The front booklet cover features a beautiful painting, and the booklet interior featuring black and white photos from the films featured in this set. The track list has had people frustrated, since it mainly contains M (Music) numbers only. Like I said in a previous review I've written, I prefer cue numbers over track names. So, the lack of track names doesn't bother me at all. The booklet does go into detail about each track, but it really doesn't help those who can't read Japanese. Overall, the packaging design and booklet contents are pretty good.

As for the music in general, it's pretty good. We get a lot of action cues and some battle marches as well. Disc one is the most varied when it comes to composers. In fact, it's the only disc featuring music other than material composed by Masaru Sato and Ikuma Dan. Yes, oddly enough, disc two only consists of music composed by Masaru Sato and Ikuma Dan. I wish that they would have spaced out some of the material by the other composers across the two discs. I also wish there was material from Toho's other war films such as selections from Yuji Koseki's score (if the master tapes are extant) to "The Eagle of the Pacific" (1953) and Kikaru Hayashi's score to "Under the Flag of the Rising Sun" (1972). While both discs are packed full, adding music from the films I mentioned could have been done by removing lengthy tracks such as "Fog of Kiska". However, this didn't happen and I shouldn't be moaning and groaning over it. Complaints aside, the set features great music even though I end up wanting to hear more from some of these scores such as Riichiro Manabe's "The Militarists". Luckily, this set provides a good sampler of these scores.

War History of Men - Toho War Movies Soundtrack Collection

    Disc 1

    "Battle of the Japan Sea" (1969)*
    Music by Masaru Sato

  1. M1T5
  2. M2
  3. M3
  4. "Sea of Japan March"
  5. M12
  6. M20
  7. M23
  8. "Warship March"
  9. M27T2
  10. "Siege of Fort Bismarck" (1963)
    Music by Hachiro Matsui

  11. M1
  12. M2
  13. M4
  14. M27
  15. M28
  16. "The Imperial Navy" (1981)*
    Music by Katsuhisa Hattori

  17. M7
  18. M8
  19. M6
  20. M23
  21. M26 "Umi Yukaba"
  22. "The Militarists" (1970)
    Music by Riichiro Manabe

  23. M1
  24. M2T3
  25. M12
  26. M19
  27. M22T2
  28. M25
  29. M30
  30. M38T2
  31. "Admiral Yamamoto" (1968)
    Music by Masaru Sato

  32. M1T2
  33. M2T2
  34. M13
  35. M14
  36. M15T2
  37. M20
  38. M21
  39. M33T2
  40. M36
  41. M38T2
  42. "The Storm of the Pacific" (1960)
    Music by Ikuma Dan

  43. M1*
  44. M17B "Shikijima March"
  45. M17A "Warship March"
  46. M19
  47. M24
  48. "Zero" (1984)*
    Music by Harumi Ibe

  49. M1
  50. M3
  51. M8
  52. M12
  53. M18 (Type A)
  54. "Zero Pilot" (1976)
    Music by Toshiaki Tsushima

  55. Theme II*
  56. M4T3
  57. M6T3
  58. M6A
  59. Theme I*
  60. * = Stereo

    Disc 2

    "Zero Fighter" (1966)
    Music by Masaru Sato

  1. M1
  2. M2T3
  3. M10
  4. M12
  5. M26
  6. M17
  7. M28A
  8. M29
  9. "The Retreat from Kiska" (1965)
    Music by Ikuma Dan

  10. M1
  11. M3
  12. M4
  13. M15
  14. M20
  15. "Kiska March"*
  16. "Fog of Kiska"*
  17. "Eternal Cause" (1972)
    Music by Masaru Sato

  18. M3
  19. M11T2
  20. M14
  21. M18
  22. M24
  23. "Attack Squadron!" (1963)
    Music by Ikuma Dan

  24. M1
  25. M12
  26. M14
  27. M15
  28. M22
  29. M23
  30. M26
  31. "Battle of Okinawa" (1971)*
    Music by Masaru Sato

  32. M1
  33. M1A
  34. M2
  35. M6
  36. M19
  37. M23
  38. M31
  39. M35
  40. "Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender" (1959)
    Music by Ikuma Dan

  41. M1
  42. M4
  43. M22
  44. M25
  45. "Japan's Longest Day" (1967)
    Music by Masaru Sato

  46. M1
  47. M4
  48. M7
  49. M12
  50. M14
  51. M15
  52. M18
  53. M25T2
  54. * = Stereo