2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Cutey Honey - Original Soundtrack
CD Label: AVEX Inc.
CD Number: RZCD-45134
Music by: Mike Endo
Track 3 - Takeo Watanabe
Number of tracks: 21
Running time: 51:25
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: May 26, 2004


September 27, 2007

Soundtrack album to the movie starring Eriko Sato. Includes the main theme performed by Kumi Koda and the character song of "Black Claw". Based on the first two bouncy, J-Pop music tracks I didn't think I'd care for this CD, they just weren't my cup of tea. However after that I did enjoy most of the instrumental tracks, most notably the infectious track 9 with it's cymbal work and the lovely guitar work of the moderately paced Track 10.Track 11 had some nice horn work evoking memories of 1970's Latin or Bosa Nova music. The styles of the instrumental tracks varied greatly but most were very interesting and pleasant to listen to.

I have never seen this movie and know nothing about it other than it seems to be a live action anime movie. The music does well as a stand alone listening experience.

Cutey Honey - Original Soundtrack
English translated titles coming soon. The below taken from a Google translation of the CD Japan web page for this CD.

  1. ? month honey
  2. Appearance ofPanther Claw
  3. Honey Flash
  4. Cutey Honey (Movie Edit)
  5. Shape of every day
  6. End of a show of every day
  7. Fall summer child
  8. The shape of danger
  9. Shape of attack
  10. The shape of loneliness
  11. List blue child
  12. The shape of dejection
  13. Panther Claw, challenge
  14. Shape of kindliness
  15. Gill tower, appearance
  16. On black claw and going, participating
  17. Shape of friendship
  18. Shape of hate
  19. Shape of love
  20. On black claw and going, participating (Black Claw Version)
  21. The Bonus