Title: Super Atragon
Japanese Title: Shin kaitei gunkan
CD Label: King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number: KICA-308
Music by: Masamichi Amano
Number of tracks: 20
Running time: 73:09
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1995
Year Movie Released in U.S.: 1995


This movie is an animated one. This particular CD was sent to me as a CDR. There are plenty of other sites devoted to Japanese anime so I usually don't put anime related items here. I haven't seen the movie but was told it's not related to the original Atragon movie even though it seems parts were borrowed from it.

Now, how does it sound? I can say I was pleasantly surprised by this soundtrack. I really enjoyed the music on this disc. It was a nice combination of action music and softer melodies. I don't know how the music is in the movie itself but as a stand alone listening experience it was very enjoyable. If you are into the Godzilla and other Japanese soundtracks on this site, then I can recommend giving this a listen to if you get the chance.

For another review and a little more info, check out: http://www.ex.org/2.3/29-gunkan_cd.html

English Title: Super Atragon
Japanese Title: Shin kaitei gunkan

  1. Day Of Destiny, 1945
  2. Hinata Family Theme
  3. Main Title - Undersea Battleship Ra
  4. Departure Of The South Pole Exploration Team
  5. Giant Column Indra
  6. Menace Of The Gravity Lenses
  7. U.N. Forces Theme
  8. Yousai Bimaana Shotsuga
  9. Theme Of Eternal Love - To The End Of The Blue Ocean
  10. Riddle Of The Giant Meteorite
  11. Fight In The Open Sky
  12. Return Of The Ra
  13. 1945 Picture
  14. Kou and Annette
  15. A Love Which Grows Larger
  16. Triangle Battle
  17. Launch Of The Water Dragon
  18. Fierce attack Of The Super Vibration Wave
  19. Decisive Battle - The Ra vs. The Liberty
  20. Launch Into The Unknown - End Title