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Title: SILBUSTER: Shining Silver & Burning Black
CD Label: ?
CD Number: SBCD-0001
Music Composed by: Takeo Yahiro
Number of tracks: 29
Running time: 46:26
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: December 29, 1996


January 21, 2011

First of all this is not a genuine Bukimisha Weird Secret Society CD. It is not an a capella music CD. The music is written by Takeo Yahiro from the Bukimisha Weird Secret Society and may possibly have some members doing the vocal tracks that are accompanied by instruments. Because the music is done by a member of the Bukimisha Weird Secret Society I am including this CD on this page.

The CD itself is comprised of 29 tracks from what appears to be an anime movie or TV show. There is very little info on the web about this title. Almost half the tracks are comprised of spoken dialogue with the rest being instrumentals and a few vocal tracks. The music itself (what there is of it) isn't bad and is mostly action oriented. Some of it reminded me of tracks from the YAMATO series. From what I can tell this CD is pretty rare and searching the web turned up no sites selling this CD and only a few being auctioned.

Story: Sahara Kazumitsu
Music: Takeo Yahiro
Lyrics: Hukagawa Masayuki, Sahara Kazumitsu, Takeo Yahiro
Screenplay: Hukagawa Masayuki
Cast: Mizuki (could not get last name), and Mai Sai, Takeo Yahiro, Hukagawa Masayuki

Bukimisha CDs are available to non-Japanese buyers through BOOTH (The International Indie Art Marketplace) by using a proxy service or other intermediary: https://bukimisya-maal.booth.pm/

February 09, 2011 UPDATE

Received the following from my friend Robert Storch:

A search of the internet doesn't reveal much information at all for the Silbuster character, other than a manga publication (comic book series) that was in print during the 1990s. From what I can find out, the first issue was released in January 1993 and the series may have ended in 1997. It is possible the CD is connected to an animated film or TV show, though at present I can find no information to confirm this. It is also unclear what Takeo Yahiro's connection is with the character or property. In any case, the music on this CD is very enjoyable (although a bit repetitive), especially Track 3 which adds vocals and has a nice march like quality to it. Today, this CD is extremely rare and hard to find, although I have occasionally seen it for sale on Yahoo Japan auctions.

SILBUSTER: Shining Silver & Burning Black
(Translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates!)

  1. Opening
  2. Mitsuha
  3. Flash, Silbuster!
  4. The Usual Morning
  5. Starbeast Roaring, Terrible, Fierce
  6. Super Attack!
  7. Silbuster = Beam
  8. Sortie Warcry
  9. Tein = Hargen Appears
  10. Herculean Tein = Hargen
  11. Peace Under Heaven!
  12. March & Ballad & Waltz
  13. Mitsuha & Lasa Part 1
  14. Confront Archenemy Lasa
  15. Wingstrike Resistance Lasa
  16. Glittering Comrade-in-arms Lasa
  17. Mitsuha & Lasa Part 2
  18. Shining Silver, Burning Black
  19. Lasa
  20. 13
  21. Violent Action!
  22. Explosive Battle!
  23. Mitsuha & Lasa Part 3
  24. Ultimate Shining Shell/Fore Wing
  25. Shining = Formation
  26. Silbuster Lightning!
  27. Collapse
  28. Travellers
  29. Starlight