2006/2012 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Mothra
CD Label: Scarlet (a division of BL Music, Italy)
CD Number: SC 181-5
Music by: Slowmotion Apocalypse
Number of tracks: 10
Running time: 35:22
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: November 24, 2009


January 09, 2012

In order to give this CD a fair review I listened to it twice. The 2nd time wasn't any better. Except for a short voice over from a Mothra trailer at the very beginning of Track 1 I can't honestly say anything good about this CD. I've heard some bad stuff in my lifetime but this CD would easily make my top 3 worst. This is one time I really wished I could have heard some samples before buying. If I had I would have passed on this CD. Luckily this Italian import "only" cost $13.75 rather than the $25 and up I spend on most of the Japanese discs on this site. So if it's so bad why did I buy it? As I said, I wasn't able to hear any samples. With a CD titled "MOTHRA" and track 1 supposedly about Mothra and track 8 & 9 having Gamera in their title I took a chance that it might be a good addition to the site.

Now why don't I like it? Ahhhh, let me count the ways. First off it proclaims to be Heavy Metal. What is really on the disc is thrash rock where you are constantly assaulted and beaten over the head with super loud and fast guitars and drums and a whole lot of loud screaming that makes any lyrics unintelligible. It's ear bleed music. Also every track sounds almost identical to the one before it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually a fan of real heavy metal music. Two of my favorite bands are AC/DC and Twisted Sister among several others. This CD bears no resemblance to any of those bands. Supposedly the 10 tracks on this CD do have lyrics. I say that because the booklet in the CD gives the lyrics to the tracks. Good thing or you'd never know there was anything but loud yelling and screaming.

Unless you are a serious fan of thrash I can't recommend this CD to anyone.

Mothra by Slowmotion Apocalypse(SC 181-5)

  1. Caterpillar
  2. Forever, Works Just In Songs
  3. In Full View Of Heaven
  4. Me, Kate And Other Bastard Sons Of My Generation
  5. Stash
  6. What A Rockin' Heavy Metal Get-Up, Dude!
  7. Dim Shape In A Black Hole Life
  8. Gamera Part 1: Death Worship Era
  9. Gamera Part 2: The So Called Northern Half
  10. Haiku