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Title Music From The Monster Movies
CD Label St-Clair Entertainment Inc.
Made in Canada
CD Number SHO19452
Music Conducted by: Andrew Lane
Music Performed by: The American Festival Orchestra
Number of tracks 11
Running time 41:39
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1998


Five of the eleven tracks on this CD are from Godzilla movies. Track #1 is from the U.S. Godzilla movie while the other four are from the Toho Godzilla movies.

The orchestra here sticks pretty close to the original sound of the music for all eleven tracks. While the tunes are well done they certainly won't make you forget or throw away the originals. The CD is pleasant to listen to and has many favorite themes. This CD is well suited for the casual listener or completist but will not satisfy the hard core fan.

Title: Music From The Monster Movies

  1. Opening Titles (from "Godzilla") (Arnold)
  2. Opening Theme From "Godzilla And The Three-Headed Monster" (Ifukube)
  3. Opening Theme From "Godzilla vs Gigan" (Ifukube)
  4. Opening Theme From "Godzilla vs Mothra" (Ifukube)
  5. Opening Theme From "Godzilla"[1985] (Young)
  6. Opening Theme From "Frankenstein" (Kaun)
  7. Excerpts From Swan Lake (as used in "Dracula") (Tchaikovsky)
  8. Partita No. 3 For Solo Violin (as used in "The Hunger") (Bach)
  9. Fur Elise, Bagatelle In A Minor (as used in "Rosemary's Baby") (Beethoven)
  10. Opening Theme From "King Kong" (1933) (Steiner)
  11. Selections From "Jurassic Park" (Williams)