2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label: Sioux Records
CD Number: SIOUX14CD1
Music by: The Creatures
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 3
Disc 2: 2
Disc 3: 3
Running time: Disc 1 - 12:20
Disc 2 - 7:45
Disc 3 - 19:19
Number of discs: 3
Year of release/manufacture: October 13, 2003


February 22, 2004

Review courtesy of Sam Scali

The Creatures are a spin-off of the legendary British punk/new wave group Siouxsie & the Banshees, consisting of vocalist Siouxsie Sioux and drummer/husband Budgie. The duo has released records on an occasional basis since 1982, and this catchy tribute to the Big G. is taken from their 2003 album "Hai!". As shown here, the tune was released in the UK as a three-part CD single: CD1 features a "Radio Edit" and two non-album tracks, CD2 serves up two versions of the video (which cleverly utilizes obscure vintage horror footage without actually showing the title monster) and CD3 sports three remixes of "Godzilla".

The song features fun lyrics ("Godzilla, he trashes cars, Godzilla, he's not from Mars") backed by the duo's typically hypnotic, percussive rhythms and electronic textures. Fans of kaiju films, exotic pop and novelty records in general (not to mention Creatures/Siouxsie buffs) are sure to enjoy it. Buying all three singles might be overkill for non-collectors, so if you want the song but can't find CD1 by itself, the album might be the way to go. Whichever you choose, "Godzilla" is a neat little ditty - a worthy successor to Blue Oyster Cult's 70's song of the same name.

    Disc 1

  1. Godzilla (Radio Edit)
  2. Temple Of Dawn
  3. Attack Of The Super Vixens

    Disc 2

  1. Godzilla (Video)
  2. Godzilla (Instrumental Video)

    Disc 3

  1. Godzilla (Budgie's Tokyo Fist Mix)
  2. Godzilla (Instrumental)
  3. Godzilla (Tokyo Session)