2008 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: The Society for the Preservation of Film Music
Tribute to Toru Takemitsu
CD Label: Society for the Preservation of Film Music (SPFM)
CD Number: SPFM-102
Music by: Toru Takemitsu
Music Performed by: Various
Number of tracks: 14
Running time: 50:29
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1995


July 24, 2008

This is a promotional CD sold only to members of "The Society for the Preservation of Film Music" and performed by a variety of artists. Each CD was a limited edition and numbered. The total number of discs sold was 350. The CD itself is a pleasant listen. It contains a variety of styles from jazz to Japanese traditional. The tracks are very soothing to listen to for the most part and encompass a variety of styles. Track 5, "The Face Of Another", is a female vocal sung in what sounds like German. Track 7, "Dodesukaden", in several places sounds a lot like the 1960's US hit "McArthur Park". If you are a fan of Toru Takemitsu it's worth looking for but with such a limited number made and being 13 years old may be nearly impossible to find.

Tribute to Toru Takemitsu

    Masaki Kobayashi

  1. Glowing Autumn
  2. The Inheritance
  3. Kwaidan
  4. Harakiri
  5. Hiroshi Teshigahara

  6. The Face Of Another
  7. Nagisa Ohshima

  8. Empire Of Passion
  9. Akira Kurosawa

  10. Dodesukaden
  11. Mikio Naruse

  12. Bellowing Clouds
  13. Toichiro Narushima

  14. Time Within Memory
  15. Kon Ichikawa

  16. Alone On The Pacific
  17. Hideo Onchi

  18. A Marvelous Kid
  19. Masahiro Shinoda

  20. Silence
  21. Banished
  22. Sharaku