2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Yamato 2520 - Original Theme Music I
CD Label: Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Inc.
CD Number: SRCL-3126
Music by: David Mathews
Tokio (tracks 5, 7)
Number of tracks: 13
Running time: 52:55
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: February 01, 1995


January 19, 2007

A very pleasant sounding CD, mostly slow and soft, that would make great background music to relax by.Tracks 5 & 7 are by a group or person known as Tokio. Both are vocal tracks. Track 5 is a male vocal that starts off with some rock guitar wailing but then goes into a mid tempo pleasant tune. On track 8 Dave Mathews does an instrumental version of this song that is even softer. There is apparently another disc in this series that is a part 2 (catalog # SRCL-3487) but I haven't seen or heard it. Overall this is a decent stand alone listening experience.

Yamato 2520 - Original Theme Music I

  1. Mysterious Space
  2. Yamato 2520
  3. Earth Federation Theme
  4. Young People Who Want Freedom
  5. I Would Like To Protect You Tomorrow by Tokio
  6. Mercy's Theme
  7. Eternal Constellation Love Theme by Tokio
  8. I Would Like To Protect You Tomorrow (Instrumental)
  9. Ceirean Federation
  10. Emperor Blone
  11. Amesis' Theme
  12. Space Is Our Sea
  13. M33 Galaxy - The World Of Ancient Spacemen