2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label: King Record Co., Ltd. / Star Child
CD Number: SSX 44
Music by: Various Composers
Number of tracks: 10
Running time: 58:03
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1992


August 29, 2001

This CD lists the songs as being in STEREO. This disc is an "Extra" to the set KICA 2031-2040, and is a bonus CD for people who bought all 10 CD's in the set. Tracks 2 & 5 are made up of various sound effects and monster howls. The music on the other 8 tracks seems to be things we have heard before and done in a suite form.

I believe this disc is very hard to find since it was a promotional item. I have never seen this disc listed for sale anywhere. Overall this was a nice sampler for the series.


Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates BGM = BackGround Music SE = Sound Effects 1. BGM Part 1 THE MYSTERIANS M6 THE H-MAN M14 THE HUMAN VAPOR M27 THE LAST WAR M11 KING KONG vs GODZILLA M17 2. SE Part 1 Godzilla's Cry, King Ghidorah's Cry, Larvae Mothra's Cry & Silk-spraying Sound, Larvae Mothra's Moving Sounds (x2), Imago Mothra's Cry, Ebirah's Cry & Shriek,When Hedorah Transforms, Hedorah's Flying Sound, Hedorah's Laughter, Hedorah's Groan, Hedorah's Cry, Angilas' Cry 3. BGM Part 2 ATRAGON M7, M14 MOTHRA vs GODZILLA M2, M20 INVASION of the ASTRO-MONSTER M20 FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD M23 4. BGM Part 3 WAR of the GARGANTUAS M4, M19 EBIRAH, HORROR of the DEEP M15, M19 SON OF GODZILLA M4, M24 KING KONG ESCAPES M5, M11 5. SE Part 2 Baragon's Cry, Submarine Sounds, X-ite Flying Saucer Sounds, Kamakiras' Cry, Gigan's Cry, King Shisa's Cry, Titanosaurus' Cry, Military Maneuvers Sounds, Building Destruction Sounds 6. BGM Part 4 DESTROY ALL MONSTERS M6, M14 LATITUDE ZERO M6, M23, M28 SUBMERSION of JAPAN M4 Japan World's Fair Conference: Mitsubishi Future Hall M7A BONUS TRACKS 7. THE SECRET of the TELEGIAN M2, M5, M6, M12, M26 8. MATANGO M12,M13,M19,M20,M21,M25,M27,M28 9. PROPHECIES of NOSTRADAMUS M1, M8, M34 10. THE WAR IN SPACE Main Title `Movie Use' (Stereo) Music by: Tracks 1,3,4,6 Ifukube Akira 1,4,6 Sato Masaru 1 Miyauchi Kunio 2 Dan Ikuma 3 Ikeno Shigeru 4 Bekku Sadao 5 Tomita Isao Tsushima Toshiaki