2009 Lawrence Tuczynski

Info provided by Morton Friedland

Title Zenkyokusyu
CD Label Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number TECE-30463
Music by: Kaji Meiko
Number of tracks 20
Running time 69:18
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture March 04, 2004


March 10, 2009

A friend sent me a copy of this about a month ago. I recently finally got around to listening to it. After hearing it I wish I had played it sooner. The music on this disc and singing by Kaji Meiko is beautiful. Normally a disc like this wouldn't appear on this site but since I do have samurai related discs on the site I guess this qualifies because two of the tracks appeared in the "Kill Bill" movies. Track 1, "Urami Bushi", and Track 3, "Shura No Hana", were used by Quentin Tarantino in both volumes of "Kill Bill". Track 5 was the theme song to the 1974 film "Jeans Blues - Asu Naki Furaiha" in which the singer played the lead role. Track 7 was the theme song to another movie in which Kaji Meiko had a lead role, the 1972 film "Ginchou Watari Dori".

I thoroughly enjoyed this CD and the beautiful singing voice of Kaji Meiko and am very grateful to Morton Friedland for bringing it to my attention. Highly recommended if you enjoy soft, sweet, female singing.

Zenkyokusyu by Kaji Meiko (TECE-30463)

  1. Urami Bushi (Bitter Melody aka Grudge Warrior)
  2. Onna No Jumon (The Spell Of A Woman)
  3. Shura No Hana ((Flower Of Hell)
  4. Yadokari ((Hermit Crab)
  5. Jiinzu Buruusu (Jeans Blues)
  6. Inga Hana (Flower Of Fate)
  7. Ginchou Watari Dori (Silver Heron Bird Passage)
  8. Onna Negai Uta (Song Of A Woman's Request)
  9. Betsu ni Dotte Koto de mo Naishi (No Big Deal / Nothing Special)
  10. Sakaki No Uta (Rice Wine Season Song)
  11. Akane Kumo (Shimmering Cloud)
  12. Nokoribi (Ember / Smoldering Fire)
  13. Meinichi (Death Anniversary / Memorial Day)
  14. Umi Hoozuki (The Ocean's Black Cherry Blossom)
  15. Fune Ni Yurarete (Rock The Boat)
  16. Wakare Hanashi Nanka (Things Like Talking About Seperating)
  17. Ame no Yoru Anata Wa (That Rainy Night With You)
  18. Minami Kaze (Southern Wind)
  19. Banka (Late Summer)
  20. Meiko no Yuumei wa Yoru Hiraku (Meiko's Dream Breaks Open The Evening)