© 2003 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Godzilla Volume
CD Label: Temple Records
CD Number: TOPY 073
Music by: Andy "Amlott" Higgins
Number of tracks: 7
Running time: 36:24
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1994


January 20, 2003

This is a strange CD and certainly not for everyone. I picked this up in a trade and have no idea where you can buy a copy. I actually enjoyed this CD but it's not for everyone because several of the tracks could be described as pornographic due to their lyrics and sound effects.

Track 1 is pretty straight forward and except for the added screams could have been sampled from an Ifukube score to one of the Godzilla movies. Track 2 comes off like a heavy metal backing track to a porno film including the sounds of a woman having sex. Track 3 starts off with some dialogue from a Godzilla movie and then turns into a very funky track that reminds me of 70's music. A pretty nice instrumental track with a snippet of dialogue saying "Monster Island". Track 4 is the longest track and starts off with some dialogue and then turns into a futuristic, synthesizer sounding track. The woman's lyrics throughout the track make it the most pornographic of the bunch. Track 5 is a drum heavy, metal sounding track with sampling from a Led Zeppelin tune with a woman moaning in the background. Track 6 is again a familiar Ifukube track complete with Godzilla sound effects and added screams. The final track, # 7, is the 2nd longest track on the CD with a bit of a mid 70's feel. It features a female chorus in the background and actually is quite mellow for the first part and then picks up a little heavier beat. A really nice sounding track similar to something you might hear from Edgar Froese or Tangerine Dream.

Godzilla Volume

  1. Godzilla Theme
  2. Godzilla VS The Space Mutants
  3. Monster island
  4. Mechagodzilla VS The Sex Kittens From The Nth Dimension
  5. Dinosaur Bones
  6. Godzilla Theme (Reprise)
  7. Return To The Sea