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Title Rodan / Yog, The Monster From Outer Space
Japanese Title Sora no Daikaiju Radon /
Gezora-Ganime-Kameba:Kessen! Nankai no daikaijū
CD Label TOHO Music Corporation
CD Number TSFCD-03/TSFD-04
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks Disc 1: 32
Disc 2: 36
Running time Disc 1: 47:59
Disc 2: 60:00
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture December 22, 2010
Year Movie Released in Japan Rodan - 1956
Yog - 1970
Year Movie Released in U.S. Rodan - 1957
Yog - 1971


December 28, 2010 - Updated February 06, 2011

This is another 2 disc set in the continuing reissues of older Futureland titles under the TOHO Music Corporation label. This new two disc set nicely replaces the now out of print, Futureland CD's. I can't hear any significant differences in these new discs over the older Futureland discs.. Maybe my hearing isn't as great as it was in my youth but I am far from deaf. So maybe someone with super hearing can point out some minor differences. All I can say is that both discs sound terrific. That being said, the plus side is that if you don't own the Futureland out of print CD's and don't want to pay a hefty price trying to get them, then here you get two great discs at a lower price. The minus side is that these discs no longer have the bonus sound effects tracks of the originals and the new CD is missing the audio trailers too. So unless you don't have the originals or are a completist that needs everything (no matter how many times the same stuff is reissued) then there is no good reason to spend the money. IF however you don't have the originals, then grab this set before it too goes out of print. This set does come with a nice 23 page booklet (written in Japanese)containing several photos and recording information. The labels on the CD's themselves are similar in style and color as the Godzilla Box Sets.

The reviews of the Futureland originals on this site are at: Rodan and at: Yog, The Monster From Outer Space.

    Disc 1

    U.S. Title: Rodan, The Flying Monster
    Japanese Title: Sora no Daikaiju Radon

  1. Main Title (M1T2)
  2. The First Victim (M2)
  3. The Underground Tragedy (M3)
  4. The Appearance of Meganuron (M4)
  5. Meganuron's Fear (M5)
  6. Meganuron - Pursuit (M6)
  7. The Cave-in (M7)
  8. The Earthquake (M8T2)
  9. Amnesia (M9)
  10. Supersonic Pursuit (M10T1)
  11. A Shadow Blankets the Sky (M11T2)
  12. The Birth of Radon (M12)
  13. The Large Underground Cave (M13)
  14. The Appearance of Radon (M14T2)
  15. Radon, Get 'em! (M15)
  16. Radon Flies to Sasebo (M16)
  17. Radon and the Saikai Bridge (M17)
  18. Radon Attacks Fukuoka I (M18)
  19. The Fury of the Shock Waves (M18A)
  20. Radon Attacks Fukuoka II (M19)
  21. The Self-Defense Force Heads to Aso (M20)
  22. The Natural Beauty of Aso (M21T3)
  23. Ending(M22)

  25. Main Title (M1T1)
  26. The Earthquake (M8T1)
  27. Supersonic Pursuit (M10T2)
  28. A Shadow Blankets the Sky (M11T1)
  29. The Appearance of Radon (M14T1)
  30. The Natural Beauty of Aso (M21T1)
  31. Natural Beauty of Aso (M21T2)
  32. Main Title (with cries) (M1T2)
  33. Supersonic Pursuit (with sound) (M10T1)

    Disc 2

    US Title: Yog, Monster from Space
    Toho Monster Movies: Special Collection #11

    Japanese Title: Toho Kaiju Eiga Senshu 11:Gezora Ganime Kameba: Kessen! Nankai No Daikaiju
    Toho Kaiju Eiga Senshu 11

  1. Main Title (M1T1)
  2. Launching of the Helios(M2)
  3. The Helios Heads into Outer Space (M3)
  4. The Helios in Crisis (M4)
  5. Return of the Helios (M5)
  6. The Appearance of Gezora1 (M6)
  7. Background Music on Board (M7)
  8. Strange Lights in the Cave (M8)
  9. Gezora Attacks (M9)
  10. The Prayer Of Selgio Island (M10 Mix)
  11. Undersea Probe I (M10AT2)
  12. Undersea Probe II (M10AT2)
  13. The Helios Underwater (M11)
  14. The Terror Of Gezora (M12)
  15. Gezora Comes Ashore (M13)
  16. Gezora vs. the Humans (M15)
  17. Cosmic (or Space) Lifeforms on the Move I (M16)
  18. The Appearance of Ganime (M17)
  19. Cosmic (or Space) Lifeforms on the Move II (M18)
  20. Obata and the Space Lifeform I (M19)
  21. Obata and the Space Lifeform II (M20T2)
  22. The Wedding Ceremony (M21)
  23. Remains of the Dead Bat(s) (M22)
  24. The Appearance of Kameba (M23T3)
  25. Obata's Resistance (M24)
  26. Ganime vs. Kameba (M26)
  27. The End Of The Cosmic Lifeform (M27)
  28. Ending (M28)
  29. (M29)


  30. Main Title (M1T1)
  31. Undersea Probe I (M10AT1)
  32. Obata and the Space Lifeform II (M20T1)
  33. The Appearance of Kameba (M23T1)
  34. The Appearance of Kameba (M23T2)
  35. Ganime vs. Kameba (M26)
  36. M Drum(s)
  37. M10 Karaoke The Prayer Of Selgio Island