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Title Latitude Zero
Japanese Title Ido 0 Daisakusen
Movie also known as: Kaitei Daisenso - Ido Zero Daisakusen
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number TSFCD-22-1 / TSFCD-22-2
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 42
Disc 2 - 32
Running time Disc 1: 65:29
Disc 2: 49:25
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture May 26, 2006
Year Movie Released in Japan 1969
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1970


June 01, 2006

I haven't listened to this CD a lot but it seems to be a Toho Music reissue of sorts. Disc 1 contains the soundtrack to the International version of the film and Disc 2 contains the Japanese domestic issue. Disc 1 has more tracks and a longer playing time, mainly due to more "Bonus Tracks". Neither disc is as long as the previous Futureland release Toho Monster Movies: Special Collection #9: Latitude Zero (TYCY-5506), also on this site, released in 1997. That disc had 52 tracks and clocked in over 70 minutes. If you look at the times on the two discs in this set you'll see that some tracks are longer and some shorter than on the other disc. This is most likely due to using alternate takes or combining cues.

This is a nice two disc set with a 22 page booklet containing some nice pictures. Since I don't read Japanese I have no idea what any of the writing in the booklet says. If you are not a completest and already have the Futureland release, you can probably safely skip this CD. If you are a fan of the movie and don't have the older release, then I suggest grabbing it before it goes out of print.

Additional Review by Robert Storch - June 02, 2006 [Updated June 28, 2006]

This new LATITUDE ZERO soundtrack is being released by TOHO MUSIC in conjunction with their Region 2 DVD of the movie. You can purchase the film either one of two ways: a single DVD offering only the Japanese language version or a special collector's boxed set which houses three DVDs - the international English version, a slightly edited Japanese version (same as the single DVD) and the heavily edited Champion Festival film. Interestingly, the soundtrack for the movie is slightly different on each DVD.

Disc one features the international soundtrack and has the longest running time. Except for two additional alternate tracks, this is the same version of the score that was released in 1997. Surprisingly, the "Main Title" on this more complete, international soundtrack is 84 seconds shorter than the "Main Title" on disc two (which features the edited Japanese score). I have watched both versions of the film on R2 DVD, and these new CDs do in fact present the music as exactly heard in the films. Yes, if you watch the Japanese language DVD, that “Main Title” stretches for another 84 seconds before it eventually cuts to another cue.

For those of you who have the original Futureland CD (TYCY-5506), it is still worth keeping (or tracking down) because it contains all the sound effects and the audio trailer that for some reason did not carry over on this reissue. However, the 7+ minute Sonosheet (stereo drama record) which is also on the Futureland CD has been re-released again. As for the sound quality, while both discs sound very good, they're not head and shoulders above the earlier Futureland release and at times reminded me of the recent Godzilla Perfect Soundtrack boxed sets - if the audio is newly remastered, why isn't it blowing me away? This new CD set does provide a very quiet and clean listening experience, but it is very difficult to hear any real audio improvements. A case can be made that the earlier Futureland CD sounds just as good or perhaps a little sharper.

The new packaging for this soundtrack is simply gorgeous. As with the Godzilla Perfect Soundtrack CDs, the artwork has been improved and the back insert is very nice, showing "The Alpha" plaque in front of a beautiful underwater background. Unlike the original Futureland booklet, this new one contains many color photos and shows a picture of a very rare item dating back to the film’s release - a pair of LATITUDE ZERO goggles that I guess was sold in Japan at the time. The back of the booklet shows a picture of the two beautiful women of L. ZERO. Something tells me that TOHO might eventually re-release their entire catalog of Kaiju scores with this new style packaging, but only time will tell. For now though, it is easy to recommend this new 2-CD set. Originally, I wasn't sure if I liked TOHO’s idea of releasing the score using this two disc format, but after watching the films I realized that the soundtracks are different enough to justify having each one on a separate disc.

U.S. Title: Latitude Zero
Japanese Title: Ido Zero Daisakusen

    DISC 1 - International Edition “LATITUDE ZERO”

  1. Main Title- “LATITUDE ZERO " Theme (M1T2)
  2. The Change of Deep Sea (M2)
  3. The Undersea Volcano (M3)
  4. The Submarine Alpha (M4)
  5. Mackenzie (M5)
  6. The 164 Year Voyage (M6)
  7. Bloodrock (M7)
  8. Blackshark I (M8)
  9. Blackshark II (M9)
  10. Search Missiles (M10)
  11. Ghost Image (M11)
  12. The Entrance to Latitude Zero (M12)
  13. The Alpha Enter the Port (M13)
  14. Latitude Zero I (M14)
  15. Latitude Zero II (M15)
  16. Latitude Zero III (M16)
  17. The Dinner of Latitude Zero (M17)
  18. Attack of Blackshark (M18)
  19. Dr.Okada is Kidnapped (M19)
  20. The Bath of Immunity (M20)
  21. Malik and Dr.Okada (M21)
  22. The Bloodrock Trap (M22)
  23. Griffon (M23)
  24. Monsters at Bloodrock (M24)
  25. Arrival of Mackenzie (M25)
  26. Lucrecia's Last Moment (M26)
  27. Appearance of Blackshark (M27)
  28. Metal Fragments (M28)
  29. The Alpha vs. Blackshark (M29)
  30. Griffon attacks Blackshark (M30)
  31. Disturbance on the Ground (M32)
  32. Finale- “LATITUDE ZERO " Theme (M33)
  33. Bonus Tracks

  34. M1T1
  35. M17T1
  36. The Undersea Volcano (M3 edit end)
  37. Blackshark (M8+M9)
  38. The Entrance to Latitude Zero (M12 edit)
  39. Latitude Zero II (M15 repeat)
  40. Latitude Zero III (M16 repeat)
  41. The Bloodrock Trap (M22 edit)
  42. Monsters at Bloodrock (M24 edit)
  43. The The Alpha in Flight (M29A)

    DISC 2 - Domestic Screening Edition “Latitude 0"

  1. Main title (M1T2 edit)
  2. The Change Of Deep Sea (M2 edit)
  3. The Undersea Volcanoe (M3 edit)
  4. The Submarine Alpha (M4 edit)
  5. The 164 year Voyage (M6)
  6. Blackshark I (M8)
  7. Blackshark II (M9 edit)
  8. Search Missiles (M10 edit)
  9. Ghost Image (M11 edit)
  10. The Entrance of Latitude 0 (M12 edit)
  11. The Alpha Enters The Port (M13 edit end)
  12. Latitude 0 III (M16 repeat)
  13. Attack of Blackshark (M18)
  14. Dr. Okada Is Kidnapped (M19)
  15. Malik and Doctor Okada (M19A)
  16. The Bath Of Immunity (M20)
  17. The Bloodrock Trap (M22 edit)
  18. Griffon (M23 edit)
  19. Monsters At Bloodrock I (M24 edit)
  20. Monsters At Bloodrock II (M24 edit +M22 edit)
  21. Mackenzie Arrives (M25 edit)
  22. Lucrecia's Last Moment (M26)
  23. Appearance Of Blackshark (M27)
  24. Metal Fragments (M28)
  25. The Alpha vs. Blackshark (M29 edit)
  26. The Alpha In Flight (M29A edit)
  27. Griffon Attacks Blackshark (M30 edit)
  28. Fleeing From Latitude 0, (M31 edit)
  29. Disturbance On The Ground (M32)
  30. Already Alone (M6)
  31. Ending (M33)
  32. Bonus Track

  33. Sound track single reissue “Latitude 0”