2010 Lawrence Tuczynski

All info and scans courtesy of Andrea Marbry

Title Ultraman Dyna, Original Soundtrack, Vol. 3
CD Label Toshiba/EMI
Reissued by Futureland/Youmex
CD Number TYCY-5601
Music by: Tatsumi Yano
Number of tracks 26
Running time 63:28
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture Original - May 27, 1998
Reissue - May 26, 2000


August 31, 2010
Review courtesy of Andrea Marbry

Ultraman Dyna, Vol 3

This is a great, and quite enjoyable compilation of the various themes used throughout the show, which any regular watcher would instantly recognize. The composer uses a combination of Classical and Modern music to convey the emotions, and intensity of the various scenes. Something that really surprised me was the use of violins during several pieces, which one would think would render the mood as stuffy, but instead, come across as vibrant and appropriate. There are several tunes that are unique to certain episodes that are quite catchy and enjoyable, and convey the optimism and grand adventure evident in the earlier episodes of the show.

For instance, Tracks #10 - 12, which come from the episode "Bao-On from Afar" (as written on Wikipedia), convey the fun and excitement of SuperG.U.T.S.' rather hilarious attempts to contain and study a *friendly* monster that isn't interested in destruction and death, but just wants to wander around and have fun. Particularly with anything red ...

Or, Track #13, the haunting organ tones of "The Girls Who Summon The Darkness" (again Wikipedia), a rather dark comedy where a coven of teenage high-school witches repeatedly try to sacrifice Asuka to a demon - and keep missing the target. This story highlights the power of redemption, as the sacrificial attempts are finally halted by one of the coven members - and the coven leader repudiates the demon after seeing Dyna trying to protect them. In an interesting ending, the young coven sacrifice *themselves* to end the reign of terror, and giving themselves a *second* chance.

Tracks #14 -15 deal with the episode, "Mysterious Thief Himala", where an alien thief with super magical powers challenges Asuka and SuperG.U.T.S. to stop him from making an entire town disappear into his curio box. This is the one episode where the use of classical music really works - fitting the Art Deco motif of the episode.

In particular, Track #16, "My Friend Hanejiro" revels in Asuka's discovery of the friendly alien creature, and the bonding between the two when Asuka heals its' injuries, showing that the greatest power of *this* Ultraman is not that of firepower, but of compassion and friendship.

All in all, it's a quite enjoyable album, and I recommend it highly.

Ultraman Dyna, Original Soundtrack, Vol. 3
English track title translations courtesy Jolyon Yates

  1. Ultraman Dyna (TV Size SE Mix ~ Subtitle SE)
  2. Confessikon
  3. Tough Decision
  4. SOS Monster Island!
  5. Giant Monster Clash
  6. Monster Attacks!
  7. Overcome The Death Ray
  8. Maiden's Pure Heart
  9. Boy Alien
  10. Nothing Going On In Furube Village
  11. Doctor Mustapha Ali
  12. Vaone from Afar
  13. The Girls Who Summon The Dark
  14. Mysterious Thief Himala
  15. Battle of Himala World
  16. My Friend Hanejiro
  17. Evil Invader
  18. The True Face of the Bitter Enemy
  19. Pursue the Target!
  20. Launch of the Plan to Deal With Monsters
  21. TPC Mobile Unit Assemble!
  22. Red Lotus Capital
  23. Strong Defence
  24. My Future
  25. Loving Mai
  26. I Want to Defend Only You (Piano Suite)