2010 Lawrence Tuczynski

All info and scans courtesy of Andrea Marbry

Title Ultraman Dyna, Original Soundtrack (Final!), Vol. 4
CD Label Toshiba/EMI
Reissued by Futureland/Youmex
CD Number TYCY-5615
Music by: Tatsumi Yano
Number of tracks 31
Running time 71:39
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture Original - October 28, 1998
Reissue - October 27, 2000


August 31, 2010
Review courtesy of Andrea Marbry

Ultraman Dyna, Vol 4

The final album of music used for Ultraman Dyna reflects the more intense and darker turn that the series took in its latter half. It begins with the increasingly dramatic themes of Track #2, "In the Light of Destiny", where Asuka fulfills his (late?) father's mission to successfully test a "super" Zero Drive - at an incredible risk to his life, even to the life of an Ultraman host.

It continues throughout, with the music reflecting the despair of both fighting an intelligent and malevolent alien entity that is suddenly reappearing, stronger, and more vicious than ever - and the most shocking betrayal of an Ultraman ever seen. This culminates in the last track, "To Tomorrow ...", whose haunting, ethereal tones give several hints to the final mysterious fates of *both* Asukas, while attempting to convey some hope, to both the audience and the remaining members of SuperG.U.T.S. The ironic thing is, it is not until the "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend - The Movie", eleven years later, that one sees that hope fulfilled.

This album, while considerably darker in tone than the earlier three, still has excellent music, well-suited to the series, and I recommend it, especially to complete the collection, especially since it is out of print.

Ultraman Dyna, Original Soundtrack (Final!), Vol. 4
English track title translations courtesy Jolyon Yates

  1. Ultraman Dyna (TV Size)
  2. In the Light of Destiny
  3. From father (Kazuma) to Son (Shin)
  4. Musashi's Theme 1
  5. Gransfire
  6. Challenge of Growing Evil
  7. Clash!
  8. Peace Planet
  9. Monster Drama
  10. The Girls Who Summon The Dark (Variations)
  11. Enigmatic Monster Army
  12. Fight
  13. Boy Alien (Variations)
  14. Be My Sweetheart
  15. Solvino's Song 1
  16. Planetoid Interception Order
  17. Attack the Invader
  18. Solvino's Song 2
  19. Mai Loves Lovemos!
  20. Whose Is The Light?
  21. Go Beyond The Limits...
  22. Musashi's Theme 2
  23. My Friend Hanejiro (variations)
  24. Goodbye Hanejiro
  25. Enormous Darkness
  26. Showdown Time
  27. The Light Once More
  28. Ultraman Dyna (TV size, instrumental)
  29. Distant Dream (Neo Frontier)
  30. The Light Which Father Saw
  31. To Tomorrow...