2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultraman Gaia Vol. 3
CD Label Futureland
CD Number TYCY-10021
Music by: Toshihiko Sahashi
Number of tracks 29
Running time 67:40
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 08-25-1999


March 22, 2002

Volume 3 starts off with the same vocal track as Volume 1 & 2. This is the CD with the longest running time of the three volumes although none of them short change you in the running time department. After the opening vocal we go into music that has a '70's U.S. TV pop flavor to it. Something that might be adapted to elevator music. Track 3 starts off with a passage that reminds me of some of the music in those 1950's & 60's biblical epic motion pictures. Track 4 has a kind of circus like feel to it or like something heard in a scary B movie. We then get some suspenseful music and several tracks that have the same type sound and feel as those on the first two volumes.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all three volumes of Ultraman Gaia. Toshihiko Sahashi's music is very listenable and enjoyable. I didn't care much though that the first track on all three volumes was the same. I think if they wanted to do something like that it would have been nice if each one was a slightly different version or alternate take. Any one of these are great. Listening to all three you find a bit too much repetition for my tastes but all were really good to listen to.

Ultraman Gaia Vol. 3

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Ultraman Gaia! (TV size)
  2. Campus Life
  3. Other Country's Land
  4. Labyrinthine Lilia
  5. As Yet Unconfirmed Appearance of a Gigantic Being
  6. Standing By!
  7. Blue Giant
  8. Suffering
  9. Aggression
  10. Version Up Fight!
  11. Intermission
  12. New Fight ~ Titles version 2
  13. Distant Town, Ukubar
  14. Nightmare's 4th Movement
  15. Sad Marsh
  16. Trust
  17. Thoughts to The Sea
  18. Agul Reborn ~ Agul Version Up
  19. Battle Woods
  20. Wormhole
  21. XIG Destruction!?
  22. Invasion! The One Who Brought About Destruction
  23. King Dragon
  24. Earth's Cry
  25. To The Future
  26. Final Mission
  27. Gaia Power (short version)
  28. Photon Stream
  29. Defenders of the Land & Sea ~ Gaia & Agul