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Title: WORLD OF AKIRA IFUKUBE [live concert]
CD Label: Youmex/Futureland
CD Number: TYCY-5217~18
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 4
Disc 2: 13
Running time: Disc 1: 49:51
Disc 2: 46:43
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: 1992


Updated September 29, 2001 Review courtesy of Robert Storch

This is an extremely well recorded 2-CD set of Akira Ifukube in concert. This 2-CD set is known as "World Of Akira Ifukube", but I have heard that the Video/LD version of the concert is called "Portrait Of Akira Ifukube". Released in 1992, this double disc was intended to capture Akira Ifukube's comeback to scoring Godzilla films since King Ghidorah was released a year earlier.

Disc one starts off with live versions from Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and is conducted by Maki Ishii. This CD contains the only live version of the main title from that film I'm aware of. The orchestra then goes into one of Akira Ifukube's personal favorite pieces "Sinfonia Tapkaara" and soon other conductors start to take turns with the orchestra in an evening designed to pay homage to the maestro. The highlight of Disc two is the almost 30 minute "Drumming of Japan(JAKOMOKO JANKO)" This comprises the last four tracks of the CD and contains some truly exciting music not found elsewhere.

This CD is very hard to find these days and will not be cheap if you do find it. As my friend Larry say's, a must have in your Ifukube CD collection!

Title: WORLD OF AKIRA IFUKUBE [live concert]
Track listing courtesy of Jim Figurski with additional info courtesy of Jürgen Himmelmann

    Disc 1
    SYMPHONIC FANTASIA "Godzilla VS. King Ghidora"
  1. Suite
    I, Preludio
    II, Dinosaur
    III, Lagos
    IV, Emi
    V, Kingghidora
    VI, Marcia
    VII, Godzilla

    Music Composed by Akira Ifukube and Conducted by Maki Ishii


  3. I, Lento-Allegro
  4. II, Adagio
  5. III, Vivace
  6. Music Composed by Akira Ifukube and Conducted by Maki Ishii

    Disc 2
    These 9 tracks are arrangements by fellow composers/colleagues of
    Ifukube's combining motifs of his symphonic music in their own short pieces.


  1. Felicidades El Maestro Ifukube! (Music Composed & Conducted by HAJIME HARADA)
  2. Song Of Vision (Music Composed & Conducted by MAKI ISHII)
  3. Omaggio al Maestro Ifukube (Music Composed & Conducted by RIICHIRO MANABE)
  4. Metamorfosi Rapsodiana (Music Composed & Conducted by SHIGUEYUKI IMAI)
  5. Homage To Akira Ifukube (Music Composed & Conducted by TEIZO MATSUMURA)
  6. Godzilla Is Dancing (Music Composed & Conducted by MINORA MIKI)
  7. ?? (Music Composed by YASUSHI AKUTAGAWA / Music Conducted by MAKI ISHII)
  8. Omaggio a Maestro A. Ifukube (Music Composed & Conducted by SEI IKENO)
  9. Hommage a A.I. (Music Composed & Conducted by TOSHIRO MAYUZUMI)

  11. Preludio /
    I, Andantina
  12. II, Lento
  13. III, Allegro
  14. IV, Allegro
  15. - Music Composed & Conducted by Akira Ifukube
    - With 9 Drums, performed by the 9 Composers/Conductors (incl. Maki Ishii)
    - 1 Drummer has not Conducted a track of the Hommage à Akira Ifukube