2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title ULTRAMAN DYNA Volume 1
CD Label Toshiba-EMI Limited
CD Number TYCY-5582
Music by: Tatemi (Tatsumi)Yano
Number of tracks 31
Running time 59:56
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 11-27-1997


December 1, 2002 courtesy of David Hirsch

This first volume of four features Yano's main orchestral and electronic themes for the TV series, many culled into mini suites. A nice amalgam of action and emotional motifs, though the borrowing of Bill Conti's "Right Stuff" theme for "Internal Light" is a trifle distracting.


Track translations courtesy of CDJapan

  1. Ultraman Dyna [Vocal]
  2. Neo Frontier
  3. Ground mosquito
  4. Invasion
  5. Take OFF! Super GUTS [Instrumental]
  6. Encounter
  7. The Light, It Comes
  8. The GUTS
  9. Love Theme Of DYNA
  10. Sign Of Ruin
  11. Instantaneous
  12. The Giant Of Light, Again
  13. FIGHTING THEME -Miracle-
  14. Beautiful Planetary
  15. INTERMISSION -March of Dyna-
  16. Super GUTS
  17. It Is Kind, It Comes, The Super People
  18. You Think In The Star Shadow
  19. Shadow Of Aggressor
  20. At The Time Of Ordeal
  21. Awaken Asuka
  22. Large Destruction
  23. Scramble
  24. Decisive Battle! Monstrous Beast Anti- Super GUTS
  25. Hero Appearance!
  26. Ultraman Dyna [Instrumental]
  27. Our Dyna
  28. FIGHTING THEME -Strong-
  29. Internal Light -The Inner Light-
  30. Next Notice
  31. Take OFF! Super GUTS [Vocal]