2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title ULTRAMAN DYNA Volume 2
CD Label Toshiba-EMI Limited
CD Number TYCY-5583
Music by: Tatemi (Tatsumi)Yano
Number of tracks 25
Running time 55:12
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 01-21-1998


December 1, 2002 courtesy of David Hirsch

This second volume includes more background music for locales such as a tearoom and a very comedic theme for the "Strange Intruder." There is also a general pop music air with drum machines and guitars. Still, overall, a pleasant listen.


Track translations courtesy of CDJapan

  1. Ultraman Dyna
  2. Certain Of The Day When It Clears Up . . .
  3. Mysterious Incident Occurrence
  4. Move Order
  5. Strange Intruder
  6. Saloon BGM
  7. Flash!
  8. The Destructive Person Who Becomes Enormous
  9. It Is Accustomed To The Wind Of The Miracle
  10. Star Of The Whole Sky
  11. We Would Like To Protect Just You
  12. It Is Splendid, The Companion Comes
  13. Memory Of The Blossom Oak
  14. Tearoom BGM
  15. Awaking Ground Mosquito (Version 2)
  16. Hari, It Is Cool In The Air . . .
  17. Large Monstrous Beast Appearance
  18. Take OFF! Super GUTS (Version 2)
  19. Big City Crisis!
  20. When Changing
  21. Dyna Is Red!
  23. Now The Flash
  24. To The Future Which Has Not Been Seen Yet


  25. Ultraman Dyna (Off Vocal Version)