© 2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Film Music By Toru Takemitsu Vol. 3
CD Label: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
CD Number: VICG-5126
Music by: Toru Takemitsu
Number of tracks: 6
Running time: 58:26
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 12-16-1990


Most of track 1 is pretty good and almost sounds like it could have come from an alien type science fiction film. Track 2 sounds somewhat like it could come from a children's lullaby or dream sequence. Track 3 definitely has a 1970's feel to it and is mostly mid tempo. A very nice track. Track 4 from "Gishiki" (aka "The Ceremony") sounds like it's name. Very slow and at times "horrific" sounding like it could be associated with some type ceremony. Track 5 starts out like something you'd associate with a slow gondola ride down a French or Italian canal or street. A pleasant track to listen to overall. Track 6 is just a pleasant track to listen to with a lot of violins and string bass.

Overall I probably enjoyed this disc in this series the best as a stand alone listening experience. The music had good variety, wasn't repetitious and stood well on it's own away from the films.

  1. Ai No Borei (1978) (22:33)
    (aka "Empire de la passion, L'" (France), "Empire of Passion" (USA), "Empire of the Passions", "Fantôme amour" (France), "In the Realm of Passion", "Phantom Love" and "The Ghost of Love")
  2. Tokyo Senso Sengo Hiwa (1970) (03:41)
    (aka "A Secret Post-Tokyo War Story", "He Died After the War" (USA), "The Man Who Left His Will on Film" and "The Man Who Put His Will on Film")
  3. Natsu No Imoto (1972) (08:59)
    (aka "Dear Summer Sister")
  4. Gishiki (1971) (08:16)
    (aka "The Ceremony")
  5. Furyo Shonen (1961) (13:14)
    (aka "Bad Boys")
  6. Mitasareta Seikatsu (1962) (01:43)
    (aka "A Full Life")