© 2001 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultra Compilation I
CD Label Victor
CD Number VICL-5076
Composed by:Various
Number of tracks 19
Running time 47:05
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1991


November 25, 2001

This CD is the first in a two CD series. While I can't say I am much of an Ultraman fan, this CD was pleasant to listen to. Most of the tracks are vocal tracks sung by children and a few of the tracks are instrumental. It's too bad I don't speak Japanese so I could understand the lyrics to the songs. Then again, based on the Ultraman episodes I have seen, the songs may sound better to me without knowing the lyrics. If you are a fan and can find this CD and it's companion, then by all means grab it. It also sounds fine even if you're not a big fan but do enjoy vocal tracks sung by children.

Title:	Ultra Compilation I

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

 1.	ULTRA Q Theme
 2.	Giant Monster Song
 3.	Ultra March 
 4.	Ultraman’s Song (TV original version)
 5.	Special Search Squad Song
 6.	Advance, Ultraman!
 7.	Ultra Monsters Chorus
 8.	Ultra 7’s Song (original version)
 9.	Ultra Guard
11.	Ultra Boy’s Song
12.	RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (Toyama [Ko?] version)
13.	Monster Attack Team’s Song (Nishida Toshiyuki version)
14.	Monster Chorus (Toyama Ko version)
15.	ULTRAMAN ACE (version I)
16.	Terrible Monster Attacking Crew’s Song (version I)
17.	ULTRAMAN TARO (Sawaki Ten version)
18.	6 Ultra Brothers
19.	ULTRAMAN LEO (Toyama Ko version)