© 2001 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Tidal Wave / Gorath
Japanese TitleNippon chinbotsu / Yosei Gorasu
Tidal Wave Movie also known as:Japan Sinks
Submersion of Japan
Tidal Wave(US version)
Gorath Movie also known as:Astronaut 1980
Gorath, The Mysterious Star
Suspicous Star Gorath
Yosei Gorath
CD Label Victor
CD Number VICL-5081
Composed by:Masaru Satô (Tidal Wave)
Kan Ishii (Gorath)
Number of tracks 64
Running time 77:37
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1991
Year of movie release 1973 (Tidal Wave)
1962, 1964 in US (Gorath)


August 25, 2001

This CD seems to be a strange pairing. I know of no reason why they would team music from "Tidal Wave" on the same disc with "Gorath" except that after listening to the disc I find the music of the two composers are similar and compliment each other. The music itself is very good with many of the tracks on "Tidal Wave" having a jazz type feel to them which is typical for Masaru Satô. Many of the other tracks are slow and mysterious sounding. The "Gorath" tracks by Kan Ishii actually have a similar sound and feel to them as the Satô tracks except most have a bit faster tempo. Until I get the track translations I can't compare what's here to what's on the single disc versions of "Tidal Wave" and "Gorath".

English Title:	Tidal Wave / Gorath
Japanese Title:	Nippon chinbotsu / Yosei Gorasu   

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates


 1.	Toho Logo ~ Title
 2.	Japanese Archipelago
 3.	To the Sea of Japan Trench
 4.	Deep Sea
 5.	Chaotic Mudslide I
 6.	Chaotic Mudslide II
 7.	Prime Minister Yamamoto’s Fear
 8.	Reiko
 9.	Old People Cross
10.	Continental Shift Theory
11.	Survey Ship Testimony
12.	Tokyo Observed
13.	Tokyo Earthquake I
14.	Tokyo Earthquake II
15.	Prime Minister’s Decision
16.	Tokyo Destruction I
17.	Tokyo Destruction II
18.	Feelings for Reiko
19.	D2 Project I
20.	D2 Project II
21.	Oyaji’s Cry
22.	Time Spared
23.	Reiko and Oyaji I
24.	Reiko and Oyaji II
25.	Big Scoop
26.	Couple Torn Apart
27.	Sinking Japan II
28.	Panicking People
29.	Quaking Earth
30.	Ending
31.	Escape Japan
32.	Sinking Japan I
33.	Submersion of Japan Theme I
34.	Submersion of Japan Theme II


35.	Main Title
36.	Car Radio
37.	Jingle Bells
38.	Beautiful Mt Fuji Space Port
39.	Terrifying Gorath
40.	Bad Effects on Earth
41.	I Space Pilot (Version II)
42.	Grand Cabaret
43.	‘The JX-2’
44.	Space Station
45.	South Pole Base Construction
46.	Workers’ Battle Cry
47.	‘The Capsule No 1’
48.	Release the Capsule!
49.	Memory Loss
50.	Sonoda Household New Year
51.	Love Theme
52.	45 Days Later
53.	Great Monster Magma
54.	Space Station Return
55.	Takiko’s Apartment
56.	Crisis Point Earth
57.	After 2 Minutes
58.	Escape?
59.	We Did It!
60.	Ending
61.	I Space Pilot (version I unfinished)
62.	I Space Pilot (version I alternative take)
63.	I Space Pilot (version II karaoke)
64.	I Space Pilot (version II unused)