2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title SUBMERSION OF JAPAN Original Soundtrack
CD Label Victor Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number VICL-62028
Music Composed & Conducted by: Taro Iwashiro
Music Performed by: The Tokyo Metropolitan Orchestra
Number of tracks 13
Running time 53:02
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture July 26, 2006


October 08, 2006

This CD is the sound track to a recent 2006 remake of the 1973 movie titled "Submersion Of Japan" (Nihon chinbotsu ). I have never had the opportunity to see either the original or this remake but hope to find a subtitled or dubbed copy someday. It sounds like an interesting movie. The soundtrack here is very well done and for the most part contains somewhat slow moving queues that you could easily see being in a disaster movie. The only exception being track 13 which is a mid tempo female vocal track.

Additional review courtesy of David Hirsch's Collectors Den on the CD Japan website.
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Taro Iwashiro, who was part of the creative team behind the fantastic score to "Azumi", delivers an emotionally charged orchestral score to this remake of the classic 1973 disaster film. It's a superb piece of work that supports the main trust of Sakyu Komatsu's original novel. As oceans rise and cities fall, the core of the story is really how to evacuate millions of people and the potential loss of a unique and rich culture. The CD booklet features the four beautiful poster art renderings without text. Also featured on the CD is the signature tune "Keep Holding U" by SunMin than X KUBOTA.

SUBMERSION OF JAPAN Original Soundtrack

Track titles courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Behold Tomorrow
  2. Record of These Living Things
  3. End of Utopia
  4. Reflect Upon the Gravemarker
  5. Who Will Inherit?
  6. Peace in The Earth
  7. [?]Flow [?]
  8. Rain & Wind & Evening Light Upon Them
  9. Night is Lightening
  10. Gordian Knot ~ Long Road to the Gods
  11. Japan Here...
  12. Resurrection Day
  13. Special Alternative Record

  14. Keep Holding U by SunMin thanX Kubota