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Cover scan and all info courtesy of John M Emmons

English Title: "Birdy the Mighty" Original Soundtrack: Flew
CD Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number: VICL-795
Music Composed by: Kow Otani
Number of tracks: 21
Running time: 43:17
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: October 23, 1996


December 20, 2015

Review by John M Emmons

Not to be confused with 2008's Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode, this album features music from 1996's OVA series based on the manga series by Masami Yuki. The music is composed by Kow Otani, who I am mostly familiar with his work for the Gundam Wing series.

To be honest, listening to this music reminds me a lot of the music from Gundam Wing. Perhaps, it's just that his style is very obvious. The album does a good job of balancing itself between louder, action pieces and the more atmospheric pieces.

You can hear the full main theme performed on "Birdy the Mighty" (track 19) and is used throughout the album, such as "vitamin 2" and "do the right kick." I confess that I really like the main theme, and it was the reason I tracked down a copy of this album. It's powerful, energetic, and a lot of fun to listen to.

There are three vocal songs, but I only remember hearing "future shock" in the OVA series. The other two songs are performed by Kotono Mitsuishi and Tetsuya, who provided the voices for the main characters in the series.

The track listing and the credits in the liner notes are mostly in English, so the album is a little friendlier to non-Japanese fans than some releases.

There was a second album of music released named "Blew," but unfortunately, both albums have been out of print for some time and are hard to find in secondary markets.

"Birdy the Mighty" Original Soundtrack: Flew (VICL-795)

  1. Birdy the Mighty [prologue]
  2. Future Shock Performed By Cherry
  3. Vitamin 2
  4. Exhibition For Our Body
  5. Fantasium
  6. Broken Laboratories
  7. Alternative Headache
  8. Miracle Of Love (ai No Kiseki)

  9. performed By Kotono Mitsuishi And Tetsuya Iwanaga
  10. 2 Tones In Her Hair
  11. Light Hammer
  12. Double Youth
  13. Birdy The Mighty [Her Tremendous Steps]
  14. Another Season
  15. Congratulations, Boy
  16. Far From Pleasure
  17. Usual Salvation
  18. Do The Right Kick
  19. Than U Think
  20. Birdy The Mighty
  21. The Day Before Tomorrow
  22. With Your Memory performed by Kotono Mitsuishi