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Japanese Title Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen
Movie also known as: Catastrophe 1999: The Prophecies of Nostradamus
Last Days of Planet Earth, The(USA: TV title)
Nostradamus's Great Prophecies
Propecies of Nostradamus: Catastrophe 1999
Prophecies of Nostradamus
CD Label VAP Inc. Records
CD Number VPCD-81173
Music by: Isao Tomita
Number of tracks 41
Running time 73:05
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan 1974
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1981 (TV)


First off let me say I am a fan of Isao Tomita's earlier non soundtrack works. I especially enjoyed his "Bermuda Triangle" as well as his interpretations of many classical pieces. That said, all I can say about this soundtrack is that it is somewhat bland and did not grab me at all. Most of the music is slow paced with a few uptempo tunes reminiscent of late 70's funk/disco tunes. There are also some mid-tempo tunes that sound appropriate for TV music to accompany something about Nostradamus.

The music on this CD is not bad but I didn't find it particularly attractive either. A listener could put it on and use it as background music. Pleasant but innocuous.

Additional information August 24, 2002 courtesy of Nicholas D. Kent

The "Catastrophe 1999" album is made up of the original mono film cues as is the current vogue. What you may not know is that there was a "proper" soundtrack album (TAM lp: AX-8804) which Victor issued as a now out of print CD (VICL-5080, coupled with a non Tomita score to 1977's "The War in Space").

On the Victor version the music is stereo and is in two long suites making for a much more compelling listening experience (only the theme single bonus tracks are stereo on VPCD-81173). There seems to be some tape transfer glitches or clicks in the Victor CD but the fidelity is a lot more lucid than the VAP release

English Title:  	CATASTROPHE 1999 
Japanese Title:  	Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen

[aka LAST DAYS OF PLANET EARTH, 1974, dir Masuda Toshio, str Tanba Tetsuro]

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

 1.	Toho Logo ~ 5 Years of Fortune (M-1)
 2.	7 Years of Fortune: Visit of the Black Ship (M-2)
 3.	Poetic Prediction of Defeat (M-3)
 4.	Main Title (Theme, M-4)
 5.	Bar Lesson Background Music (M-5T2)
 6.	Environmental Pollution (M-6)
 7.	‘Down the Centuries’ (M-7)
 8.	Conference ~ Red Tide’s Raid (M-8)
 9.	On the Moonlit Shore (M-9)
10.	United Couple (M-10)
11.	Kita’s Wailing (M-11)
12.	Modern Ballet Background Music ~ Bright Illusion (M-13)
13.	Underground Event ~ Sudden Mutation (M-14)
14.	Nishiyama’s Warning (M-15)
15.	Abnormal Weather (M-16)
16.	New Guinea Expedition (M-17)
17.	Giant Animals Raid (M-18)
18.	Cannibalism (M-19 Synthesizer Mix)
19.	Mad Demon (M-20)
20.	Living Dead Cavern (M-21)
21.	Hell On Earth ~ Burial (M-22)
22.	Omen of The End (M-23)
23.	From Mother to Daughter (M-24)
24.	Beneath the Cherry Tree in Full Bloom / Car Radio Background Music (M-25)
25.	Death of Young People (M-26 Synthesizer Mix)
26.	Rioters (M-27)
27.	Death of a Loving Thing (M-28 Synthesizer Mix)
28.	Mirage (M-29)
29.	Eternal Life (M-30 Synthesizer Mix)
30.	Terror of Radioactivity (M-31)
31.	Final Nuclear War (M-32)
32.	Silenced World (M-33)
33.	Prayer to the Future : Ending (M-34)


34.	Bar Lesson Background Music alternative take (M-5T1)
35.	Cannibalism (non-synth) (M-19)
36.	Death of Young People (non-synth) (M-26)
37.	Death of a Loving Thing (non-synth) (M-28)
38.	Eternal Life (non-synth) (M-30)
39.	Love Theme (mono)


40.	Main Theme
41.	Love Theme