2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Cover picture and all info courtesy of John M Emmons

Title Ultraseven '99 New Official Soundtrack Volume One
CD Label VAP Inc.
CD Number VPCD-81303
Music Composed by: Tohru Fuyuki
Music Performed by: Isao Sasaki
Number of tracks 50
Running time 67:34
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture August 21, 1999


January 03, 2007

As a testament to his popularity, Ultraseven returned to television with a new series of live action specials in 1999. Returning with him would be composer Tohru Fuyuki who worked on the original Ultraseven series.

I was surprised to find that many of the songs, especially towards the middle of the album, sound very much like classical music. But don't worry. The album also features new recordings of all the famous themes from the original series.

In fact, if there's one thing wrong with this album, it's that it seems that Fuyuki favored using the original themes instead of creating new themes or even new variations. Meaning that if you own the soundtrack from the original series, you will already be familiar with much of the music here. Still, it's an enjoyable listen, and the booklet is full of pictures from the show and, of course, Japanese text.

Ultraseven '99 New Official Soundtrack Volume One
English track title translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Main Title (1999 Edition)
  2. Prologue from Space
  3. Ultra Seven Song 99 (video size) Song: Isao Sasaki
  4. Peace
  5. Invader
  6. Ultra Guard Sortie
  7. Free Way
  8. Action
  9. Action Suspense Mix
  10. Threat
  11. Ultra Guard Troubles
  12. Darkness Horror
  13. Monster Appearance
  14. Charge Timpani
  15. Ultra Seven Appears
  16. Ultra Seven Song Instrumental
  17. Tension
  18. Lament Ballad
  19. Sadness Ballad
  20. Brilliant Savannah
  21. Tenderness
  22. Sieste 1999
  23. Concerto for Flute & Piano 1999
  24. Ultra Guard Relief
  25. At the Beach
  26. Dark Cloud
  27. Outer Space
  28. Broad Daylight Mystery Zone
  29. Deployment
  30. Ultra Guard Calming Sortie
  31. Ultra Guard Sortie 2
  32. Ultra Seven 99 (version 2) Song: Isao Sasaki, chorus Shinichi Ishihara, Naoto Fuga
  33. Secret Highway
  34. Impact Timpani
  35. Labyrinth
  36. Attack
  37. Monster Appearance 2
  38. Impact Timpani
  39. Scramble
  40. Ultra Seven Appearance 2
  41. Charge
  42. Ultra Seven Ballad Instrumental ~ Showdown
  43. Ultra Seven Instrumental
  44. Talk of That Time
  45. Ending
  46. Ultra Seven Ballad (video size)
  47. Preview Music
  48. Extra Tracks

  49. Ultra Seven Song 99 (full size, karaoke with chorus)
  50. Ultra Seven 99 (karaoke with chorus)
  51. Ultra Seven Ballad (video size karaoke)