2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Cover picture and all info courtesy of Jeff Kaster

Title Ultraseven '99 New Official Soundtrack Volume Two
CD Label VAP Inc.
CD Number VPCD-81304
Music Composed by: Tohru Fuyuki
Music Performed by: Isao Sasaki
Number of tracks 45
Running time ?
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture October 21, 1999


Sorry, I don't own this disc and the person who sent me the info did not include a review

Ultraseven '99 New Official Soundtrack Volume Two

  1. Space symphony (M29T4/M11)
  2. Song of ultra seven 99 (full size) (Isao Sasaki)
  3. Ultra guard dawn (M64 chord entering T2/M61B)
  4. Ultra guard move 3 (M34A/M18B)
  5. ULTRA SEVEN 99 ([vuajiyon] 1)
    (Isao and chorus Sasaki: Furthermore Ishihara restraint one, elegance with, Fuchigami lucky occurrence person)
  6. Suspense (M44/M35)
  7. Approaching the shadow which comes (M49/M40)
  8. Violence of monster (M31/M15)
  9. Timpani of charge (M15)
  10. Song of ultra seven ([insutourumentaru]) (M24T1/M7-3)
  11. Desire (M60T2/M55)
  12. Concerto 1999Fast for flute and piano (M58T1/M51)
  13. [deivueruteimento] 1999 (M59/M52T2)
  14. Peace which becomes far (M8T2)
  15. At beach 2 (M69BT2/M73)
  16. Amusement of afternoon (M12T4)
  17. Timpani of astonishment (M18B)
  18. It is glaring going astray (M51/M42B)
  19. Search (M37retake/M24A)
  20. Search (original score) (M37/M24A)
  21. Irritation (M32/M16C)
  22. Attack ([anazamitsukusu]) (M36-mix2/M23)
  23. Doubt (M10T2)
  24. Timpani of astonishment (M17B)
  25. Crisis (M46/M37)
  26. Charge (F-MIX) (M48T5-mix2/M38A)
  27. Tension (M52T1/M44A)
  28. [urutorasebun] pathetic (M61T3/M58-5)
  29. Heartbreak (M53/M44F)
  30. Defeat (M9)
  31. Fight of ballad ~ agonizing of ultra seven ([insutourumentaru]) (M3T6)
  32. Timpani of silence (M16)
  33. Appearance of ultra seven (M20/M2)
  34. Ballad ~ large decisive battle of ultra seven ([insutourumentaru] ~F-MIX) (M2mix2)
  35. Prolog to end (M62/M59)
  36. In [kiriyama] ? [gu] (M54/M46)
  37. Ultra guard seriousness (M63T2/M61A)
  38. Under starry sky (M43/M34)
  39. To the far side ......(M70T4/M75)
  40. Ballad of ultra seven (full size) (Isao Sasaki)
  41. Song of ultra seven 99 (the [hurusaizu] chorus it is not the karaoke)
  42. ULTRA SEVEN 99 (the chorus it is not the karaoke)
  43. Ballad of ultra seven ([hurusaizu] karaoke)
  44. Opening (music for making image)
  45. Guitar BGM (music for making image)