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Title Theme of ANNE
CD Label VAP, Inc.
CD Number VPCD-81345
Music Composed by: Tohru Fuyuki
Number of tracks 19
Running time 61:54
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture August 23, 2000


August 18, 2016
Review by John M Emmons

This album celebrates two of the most memorable parts from Ultra Seven: the music of Tohru Fuyuki and actress Yuriko Hishimi, who portrayed Ultra Garrison officer Anne Yuri. It features a mix of new music and new renditions of classic Ultraman music composed by Tohru Fuyuki.

"Theme of Anne" is a new composition by Fuyuki for Yuriko Hishimi's character. The song is present in two different movements: "Nocturne" and Serenade." "Nocturne" is used twice. First as the background music for an "image poem" read by Hishimi in Japanese and then as the concluding track where you can listen to the music without the monologue. I believe that "Dan Moroboshi - Of Light and Shadow" is another new piece, one that includes themes that Ultra Seven fans should recognize.

The rest of the music is a celebration of Fuyuki's tokusatsu music. Understandably, a lot of it focuses on his Ultra Seven music, but I am really happy that some of his non-Ultraman related music is included, such as Fireman and Mirror Man. I didn't even know that Fuyuki composed "Ballad of Ultra Mother," since he did not work on the background music for that series.

The music is performed by Ult-Lounge. Their arrangement of Fuyuki's music is with live instruments like piano and violins. These are very quiet and soft versions that sometimes sound more like classical compositions than tokusatsu music. The melodies are presented clearly, so you should be able to tell what show each song represents.

The booklet features liner notes and an interview with Yuriko Hishimi (both in Japanese) as well as plenty of photos of the actress.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this album, and recommend it to fans of both Tohru Fuyuki and Yuriko Hishimi.


Theme of ANNE

  1. Image Poem Anne's Vacation

  2. (voice: Yuriko Hishimi, BGM: Theme of Anne - Nocturne)
  3. Holiday of the Ultra Garrison (from Ultra Seven)
  4. Hope (from Ultra Seven)
  5. Mirror Man (Song of Mirror Man / Theme of SGM)
  6. Dan Moroboshi - Of Light and Shadow
  7. Sonata (Sieste 1999) (from Ultra Seven 1999)
  8. Return of Ultraman (Theme of MAT / Theme of Ultraman)
  9. Fireman (Burning Like Flames / Sortie! SAF)
  10. Tenderness (from Ultra Seven 1999)
  11. Ultraman Leo (Theme of MAC / Theme of Leo)
  12. Ultraman A (Ace) (Theme of TAC / Theme of Ace)
  13. Theme of Anne - Serenade
  14. Concerto for Flute and Piano 1999 (From Ultra Seven 1999)
  15. UGM's Holiday (from Ultraman 80)
  16. The Man with a Burning Heart - Takeshi Yamato's Song (from Ultraman 80)
  17. Divertiment1999 (from Ultra Seven)
  18. Ballad of Ultra Mother (from Ultraman T (Taro))
  19. Peace (from Ultra Seven)
  20. Theme of Anne - Nocturne