Toho SFX Champion Festival
10 CD Box Set

© 2005, 2016 Lawrence Tuczynski

DISC 1: TOHO CHAMPION FESTIVAL FIRST ROUND PERFORMANCE GODZILLA'S REVENGE (December 1969 opening, 1970 New Year's movie) GOJIRA, MINIRA, GABARA: ORU KAIJU (Japanese title) aka - DAISHINGEKI aka - GODZILLA, MINILLA, GABARA: ALL MONSTERS GREAT MARCH Directed by: Ishiro Honda, Music by: Kunio Miyauchi Godzilla's Revenge: 32 Tracks, Time: - 34:50 (Times courtesy of Morton Friedland at Latitude Zero Productions) 01 Monster March movie version 1(M1 complete piece) (Vocals Toshisato(?) Sasaki, Lyrics Shinichi Sekizawa, Arrangement Gendai Kyo) 02 Monster March movie version 2(M2T4 piece) (Vocals Toshisato(?) Sasaki, Lyrics Shinichi Sekizawa, Arrangement Gendai Kyo) 03 Way Home Beside the Tracks (M3) 04 Grassy Road (M4) 05 Message from Mother (M5) 06 "Love Mission" (M6) 07 Ichiro, Head for Monster Island (M7) 08 Godzilla vs Kamakiras (M8) 09 Monsters of Monster Island (M9 unused piece) 10 Monsters of Monster Island (M10) 11 Mysterious Creeper (M14A) 12 Chance Meeting with Minilla (M11) 13 Gabara Appears (M12) 14 Ichiro and The Bully (M13) 15 Back to Monster Island (M15) 16 Gabara's Attack (M16) 17 Reunion with Minilla (M17) 18 Godzilla vs Ebirah (M18) 19 Godzilla vs Kumonga (M19) 20 Minilla vs Gabara I (M20) 21 Minilla's Lesson (M21) 22 Minilla vs Gabara II (M22) 23 Minilla's Unusual Strategy (M23) 24 Godzilla vs Gabara (M24) 25 Fight Alone, Live Alone (M25) 26 Chase in the Abandoned Building (M14) 27 Charge of Theft (M26) 28 Ichiro's Action (M27) 29 "I can't stand bullies!" (M28) 30 Ending (M29) 31 Monster March movie version 1 karaoke Godzilla's Revenge single 32 Monster March (Vocals Toshisato(?) Sasaki, Lyrics Shinichi Sekizawa, Music Gendai Kyo, Arrangement Nisabu Kosugi) KONTO no55's GREAT SPACE ADVENTURE KONTO 55-GO UCHU DAI BOKEN (Japanese title) aka - KONTO no 55 SPACE GREAT ADVENTURE Directed by: Jun Fukuda, Music by: Kenjiro Hirose KONTO no55's GREAT SPACE ADVENTURE: 40 Tracks, Time: - 34:19 (Times courtesy of Morton Friedland at Latitude Zero Productions) 33 Toho Logo (M-1) 34 Main Title (M-1A) 35 Moonlit Duel (M-2) 36 Mysterious Saucer Appearance (M-3) 37 UFO Takes Off (M-4) 38 Great Space Adventure (M-5) 39 Earth Grows Distant (M-6) 40 Anti-Aging Drug (M-7) 41 Nomi!? (M-8) 42 Easygoing Starman (M-9) 43 Go-go in UFO (Toho Movie release 'Street Fountain') 44 Strange Couple (M-10) 45 Space Station (M-11) 46 Base Attacked (M-12) 47 Bluebeard Appears (M-13) 48 Go Overground Again (M-14) 49 Entrance of Princess Yo-kihi (M-15T2) (aka the historical Yuang Kuei-fei) 50 Selfish Ono-no-komachi (M-16) (another literary figure) 51 5 Peoples' Beautiful Woman (M-17) 52 5 People Age (M-18) 53 Love to the Bone (M-19) 54 Prepare for Battle! (Warship Theme arrangement M-20) 55 From Future Earth (M-21) 56 Nearby Planet Ballad (M-21A) 57 Ballad is a Blue Planet (M-22) 58 The Earthling Has Come At Last (M-23T2) 59 Rude Person! (M-24) 60 This is The Earthling ('Sakura Sakura' arrangement M-25T2) 61 Strung Along by a Gem (M-26T2) 62 Dogma Caught (M-27) 63 Planet Ballad in Pandemonium (M-28) 64 Western Showdown (M-29) 65 Go by Boxing (M-30) 66 Originally Edited Piece (M-31) 67 Fighting Instinct Reborn (M-32) 68 Launch Nuclear Weapons (M-33) 69 Return to Earth (M-34T2) 70 Ending (M-35) 71 Trailer Music no1 (Preview M-1) 72 Trailer Music no2 (Preview M-2T-2)

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