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Title Superman II/III
CD Label Warner-Pioneer Corporation Japan
CD Number WPCP-3860
Music by: Ken Thorne
Number of tracks 25
Superman II - 15
Superman III - 10
Running time 75:55
Superman II: 37:47 (approx.)
Superman III: 37:58 (approx.)
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1990



Superman II/III

    Superman II
    Music composed and conducted by Ken Thorne
    From original material composed by John Williams

  1. Preface
  2. Main Title March
  3. Lift Into Space-Release Of Villains
  4. Lex Escapes
  5. Honeymoon Hotel
  6. Lex & Miss Teschmacher To Fortress
  7. Clark Exposed As Superman
  8. Lovers Fly North
  9. Mother's Advice
  10. T.V. President Resigns-Clark To Fortress
  11. Aerial Battle - Superman Saves Spire
  12. Sad Return
  13. Ursa Flies Over Moon
  14. Clark Fumbles Rescue
  15. End Title March
  16. Superman III
    Music by Ken Thorne
    Original songs composed by Giorgio Moroder

  17. Main Title (The Streets Of Metropolis)
    (Ken Thorne)
  18. Saving The Factory-The Acid Test
    (J. Williams-K. Thorne)
  19. Gus Finds A Way
    (K. Thorne)
  20. The Two Faces Of Superman
    (J. Williams-K. Thorne)
  21. The Struggle Within-The Final Victory
    (J. Williams-K. Thorne)
  22. Rock On/Marshall Crenshaw
    (G. Moroder-K. Forsey)
  23. No See, No Cry/Chaca Khan
    (G. Moroder-K. Forsey)
  24. They Won't Get Me/Roger Miller
    (G. Moroder-K. Forsey)
  25. Love Theme/Helen St. John
    (G. Moroder)
  26. Main Title March
    (J. Williams/Synthesized, Arrangement G. Moroder)