2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label Dynamord Label / Zealot Co., Ltd.
CD Number ZEDY-2007
Music by: Masamichi Amano
Number of tracks 22
Running time 74:18
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture July 16, 2003


October 09, 2006

The following information and track titles for this out of print CD are from http://www.hexacord-america.com/japan/zedy_2007.html.

On September 2002, Kinji Fukasaku held a press conference where he made two major announcements: He was dying of bone cancer, and, refusing to let that hold him back, he was going to direct Battle Royale II.

The soundtrack for BRII was released on July 16, 2003, and contains 21 tracks from the motion picture score as well as the theme song "Mayonaka Shounen Totsugeki Dan." Except for the familiar "Requiem" by Verdi and a Beethoven piano piece that figures in the plot, the BRII score doesn't have a selection of classical music classics like the original had, and relies primarily on a new score by Masamichi Amano. We do hear a couple of Amano's motifs carried over from the original, as well as slightly updated versions of some themes.

My 2 cents worth:

I thoroughly enjoyed this CD. It has some great fast moving action pieces that will have you on the edge of your seat. As mentioned above, the first disc that came out for this had mainly classical music. While I enjoy listening to classical music from time to time, this second CD for me was the better of the two and a better stand alone listening experience. The male vocal on track 22 starts out as a nice mid tempo song and then transforms into a fast paced punk/rock tune.


  1. The fight for tomorrow
  2. The fight for tomorrow part 2
  3. Requiem
  4. Wild Seven Declaring War
  5. The time to attack
  6. Shikanotoride 3B
  7. The countdown to terror
  8. Injured teammates
  9. Getting weapons, and the death of Shugo
  10. Nanahara Shuya's fight
  11. Message
  12. Mines
  13. The Justice of a Ruler
  14. Encountering Tragedies
  15. Friends Forever
  16. Landing Plan
  17. The song of the Warriors
  18. Teacher and Student Part 2
  19. The glory of the resistance
  20. Farewell to the Piano
  21. Epilogue
  22. Mayonaka shounen totsugeki dan (Stance Punks)