2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Avalon
CD Label: Media Factory, Inc.
CD Number: ZMCZ-1171
Music by: Kenji Kawai
Number of tracks: 14
Running time: 54:05
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: January 19, 2001
Year Movie Released in Japan: January 20, 2001

Alternate French Release
CD Label: Delabel
CD Number: 7243 8 12282 2 7
Year of release/manufacture: March 26, 2002


October 01, 2007

I have never seen the movie this CD is the soundtrack to. From ImDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0267287/plotsummary comes the following:

Gloomy portrayal of the near future in an imaginary town in Central Europe, shot in Poland (Polish is also spoken). The town is dirty and chaotic. Computer games have lost their innocence: they are addictive and large sums of money can be won. Ash lives alone. She doesn't have any contact with other people, only with her dog. Her only activities are cooking meals for the dog and playing games. She is a professional Avalon super warrior, a player on the top-level, that is only accessible under very specific conditions. Once a player is inside, they can only stop by winning the game. Otherwise the player can die. Ash ignores all warnings and decides to play anyway.

Having read the above summary of the movie, I'd like to see it someday if I ever get the opportunity. Since I have never seen the movie I get no images in my head from listening to this CD. Hopefully the music works well with the movie and based on what I hear probably does. I have a mixed opinion about this music. A lot of it is dark and somber. Some tracks have a chorus background (The National Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra Choir,tracks: 2 to 4, 6, 12, 14) and a couple of tracks sound to me like opera or something you might hear in a catholic mass. While I enjoyed listening to most of this CD once, I can't say it works well as stand alone music and repeated listenings might annoy me on some tracks (just my opinion). The CD is well made and sounds great but for me wouldn't get repeated listenings.


  1. City 13
  2. Log Off
  3. Voyage to AVALON
  4. Murphy's Ghost
  5. Bishop
  6. Nine Sisters
  7. Ruins C66
  8. Gray Lady (Ash)
  9. Flak Tower 22
  10. Ruins D99
  11. The Ghost Hunting
  12. Voyage to AVALON (Orchestra version)
  13. Tir na mBan
  14. Log In