© 2006 Lawrence Tuczynski
All info for this German CD courtesy of Jurgen Himmelmann

Title WOLPODZILLA Der Schrecken vom Tegernsee
CD Label Artysan
CD Number Artysan
Music Composed & Arranged by: Tobi Neumann / Peter Horn Jun.
Number of tracks 26
Running time 44:11
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1994 (Germany)


February 21, 2006
Review & all info for this CD courtesy of Jurgen Himmelmann

I never had the possibility to watch Wolpodzilla, in which starring Peter Horn, Sissi Perlinger, Thomas D. and Gerhard Polt. I think it is something between a German C-movie and a satire.

The music itself is mostly electronical and uses themes borrowed by different composers. For example we can find quotations of Danny Elfman’ s Pee-Wee-scores. There are also many quotations to Akira Ifukube. We can find his Godzilla theme, but also for example “The Lunar Base” from ‘Destroy all Monsters’.

This CD contains three songs and in a few track (less than five) sound effects, including a Godzilla-like monster-roar.

I think it will be difficult to get this CD, because it is out-of-print and because the label Artysan is not very popular.

WOLPODZILLA Der Schrecken vom Tegernsee
Track German Possible English translation
1 Die Ausserirdischen Extraterrestial one
2 Im Ufo In the UFO
3 Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
4 Toni Toni
5 Landung Landing
6 Die Jagd The Hunt
7 Schocker! Schocker!
8 Mariko Mariko
9 Glückskeks Luck Cookie
11 Kellnerin A Bier Waitress, a beer
12 Mein Helmut My Helmet
13 Wolpodzilla Wolpodzilla
14 Ludwiginaction Ludwig In Action
15 Tunnel Tunnel
16 München bebt Munich trembles
17 Im Ufo-Stuttgart In the UFO Stuttgart
18 Dino Dino
19 Katastrophen cocktail Disasters Cocktail
20 Begegnung Meetings
21 Hilfe Sie Kommen Help Is Coming
22 Seltsam, Seltsam Strangely, strange
23 Abtauchen Submerge
24 Noch ein Wolpertinger Still another Wolpertinger
25 Die Ausserirdischen (Finale) The extraterrestial ones (final)
26 Gesteinte Kellerasseln ????