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Title: Dance Godzilla Vol. 1
CD Label: A K Records
CD Number: No Number
Artist: Atom Troy
Produced by: Atom Troy
Number of tracks: 16
Running time: 69:29
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1996


I picked this CD up last year at New York's G-CON. It's a surprisingly good sounding CD. Certainly not for everyone's taste but I enjoyed it immensely. About the only way to desribe what's on this CD is to say it's a Techno version of Godzilla themes with samples of dialog and sound effects from various movies. A very big section of the CD is devoted to "Monster Zero". I recommend this CD to any listener except those that can't stand Techno music.

Added March 4, 2001 (link updated July 28, 2005)

Atom Troy, the artist that did this CD has provided a link to his web site. It's at: http://www.atomtroy.com/.

Dance Godzilla Vol. 1

  1. Save The Earth
  2. Godzilla's Coming
  3. G March
  4. Go Godzilla
  5. Godzilla
  6. Nuklear Blast
  7. Planet X
  8. Mothra
  9. Planet X pt. II
  10. Terror Of Mecha-Godzilla
  11. G Military Theme
  12. Bonus Tracks

  13. Godzilla's Coming
  14. Nukclear NRG
  15. In Cars
  16. Candy O
  17. Come & Go Go