© 2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Gamera 2000
CD Label Zunata Records / Taito Corp.
CD Number ZTTL-0010
Music by: Zuntata
Number of tracks 28
Running time 74:27
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1997


Feb. 20, 2000

I ordered this CD with no prior knowledge about it. I knew there was no movie called "Gamera 2000" but it was listed as Original Sound Tracks. I should have known better. Apparently this is the Original Sound Tracks to a game in Japan. I'm not sure if it's a coin operated, console or PC game.

The music itself isn't too bad. Some of it is Techno oriented and some definitely sounds like game music. Some of the cuts are pretty good. However nothing on this CD sounds like anything we are familiar with from the various Gamera movies. I feel this CD would appeal to teenagers that do a lot of video game playing. It should be avoided by the casual listener or anyone expecting something from the Gamera movies.

Additional info added March 11, 2000 courtesy of Kyle Byrd

The Gamera 200 CD is the soundrack to the Sony Playstation Gamera game from 1997. The game is much like Panzer Dragoon for Sega Saturn. It is a plane shooter game. You play as a futuristic jet with Gamera as your partner (you can control some of Gamera's moves).

Title: Gamera 2000

  1. Achtung!
  2. An illusion
  3. MAN Machine
  4. The Promise ~ to be born again and see you...
  5. Searching For Love
  6. Under The Table
  7. Notorious Gypsy
  8. The One GENESIS
  9. The end of 1996 H.K.
  11. Tokio Dream
  12. Elek Teo
  13. ?
  14. First Attention
  15. Esion Kisum
  16. Last Note
  17. Visitors Without Notice
  18. Alert
  19. Before A Tempest
  20. Bravely Circle
  21. Gadget
  22. Immorable Existence
  23. Fire Wall
  24. Gigantic
  25. Sense Of Crisis
  26. Hikari (faulty take)
  27. Hikari (nearly take)
  28. Hikari