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Info coutesy of David Hirsch

Japanese Title Dai kyoju Gappa
Movie also known as: Great Giant Monster Gappa
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
CD Label VAP Inc. Records
CD Number VAPCD-81330
Music by: Seitaro Omori
Number of tracks 40
Running time 71:29
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 2000
Year Movie Released in Japan 1967
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1967


June 7, 2000
Review by David Hirsch

Vast! Hideous! Invincible! screams the ad copy. This 1967 Nikkatsu was none of these. A “Gorgo” knock off with some really bad effects, it has none the less achieved something of a cult status. After 33 years, VAP Records has finally released the complete score on CD in partnership with the DVD release (the film was released dubbed and subtitled on VHS here two years ago).

Seitaro Omori's score is fairly unremarkable for the genre, however he did create a delightfully melancholy theme for the baby Gappa, kidnapped by an unscrupulous entrepreneur (are there any other kind?). There are also a number of intriguing percussion tracks for the islanders, not anywhere near as authentic as Ifukube's well researched ethnic music, but a refreshing change of pace.

Rounding out the album are several versions of the “Gappa” songs, both film and single versions. The 24-page booklet features reproductions of the lobby cards and original film poster. At $40 by today’s exchange rate, it's very pricey for mediocre music.

English Title:  	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster 
Japanese Title:  	Daikyoju Gappa 

1.	The Nikkatsu Logo Mark - Opening
2.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster - Movie Version 1  
3.	The Idea of a South Seas Wonderland
4.	The Undersea Light
5.	Obelisk Island
6.	The Landing
7.	The Islanders
8.	Welcome Dance 
9.	The Stone Statue
10.	The Cavern
11.	Birth of Baby Gappa
12.	Fire Dance
13.	Legendary Monster 
14.	The Appearance of Gappa
15.	Press Reports of the Postponed Opening
16.	The Toto University Bioresearch Center
17.	View of Atami at Night
18.	Gappa Comes Ashore at Atami
19.	"Playmate"
20.	Proceed With Operation "Sound Wave" 
21.	Saki the Boy and Baby Gappa
22.	Preparing for Operation "Sound Wave"
23.	Launching Operation "Sound Wave"
24.	The Plan to Transport Baby Gappa by Air
25.	Baby Gappa at Haneda Airport
26.	Don't Give Up, Baby Gappa!
27.	Baby Gappa and His Parents Fly Away
28.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster - Movie Version 2
29.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster - Movie Version 1 - Karaoke
30.	South Seas Music 1
31.	South Seas Music 2
32.	Saki the Boy and Baby Gappa (with echoing)
33.	Baby Gappa at Haneda Airport (with echoing)
34.	Don't Give Up, Baby Gappa! (Movie Version - Karaoke)
35.	Don't Give Up, Baby Gappa!  (Movie Version - Karaoke, Different Type)
36.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (Movie Version 2 - Karaoke)
37.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster
38.	Don't Give Up, Baby Gappa!
39.	Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (Original Karaoke)
40.	Don't Give Up, Baby Gappa!  (Original Karaoke)