Title King Of The Monsters Disc 1
CD Label King Records
CD Number KICA 2201
Number of tracks 23
Running time 74:23
Year of release/manufacture 1994


This first disc in the set is very good. As you can see from the track titles belows, this is a good mix of many of the Godzilla movies with a few other well known titles thrown in. The disc starts off with Godzilla's roar and the familiar theme. All in all this is one of the best discs in the set with a great mix of aggressive marches mixed with slower, relaxing themes.

King Of The Monsters Disc 1

English Title: Monster Movies (The Toho Collection)
Japanese Title: Kaiju Eiga (Toho-hen)

Title/(studio/date)/composer credits

  1. Godzilla, King of the Monsters (Toho 11/3/54) Akira Ifukube
  2. Gigantis, The Fire Monster (Toho 4/25/55) Masaru Satoh
  3. Rodan, The Flying Monster (Toho 12/26/56) Akira Ifukube
  4. Varan, The Unbelievable (Toho 10/4/58) Akira Ifukube
  5. Mothra (Toho 7/30/61) Yuji Koseki
  6. King Kong vs. Godzilla (Toho 8/11/62) Akira Ifukube
  7. Godzilla vs. The Thing (Toho 4/29/64) Akira Ifukube
  8. Dogora, The Space Monster (Toho 8/11/64) Akira Ifukube
  9. Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster (Toho 12/20/64) Akira Ifukube
  10. Frankenstein Conquers the World (Toho 8/8/65) Akira Ifukube
  11. Monster Zero (Toho 12/19/65) Akira Ifukube
  12. War of the Gargantuas (Toho 7/31/66) Akira Ifukube
  13. Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster (Toho 12/17/66) Masaru Satoh
  14. King Kong Escapes (Toho 7/22/67) Akira Ifukube
  15. Son of Godzilla (Toho 12/16/67) Masaru Satoh
  16. Destroy All Monsters (Toho 8/1/68) Akira Ifukube
  17. Godzilla's Revenge (Toho 12/10/69) Kunio Miyauchi
  18. Yog, Monster From Space (Toho 8/1/70) Akira Ifukube
  19. Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (Toho 7/24/71) Riichiro Manabe
  20. Godzilla vs. Megalon (Toho 3/17/73) Riichiro Manabe
  21. Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster (Toho 3/21/74) Masaru Satoh
  22. The Terror of Mechagodzilla (Toho 3/15/75) Akira Ifukube
  23. Godzilla (1984) (Toho 12/15/84) Reijiro Koroku