Title King Of The Monsters Disc 4
CD Label King Records
CD Number KICA 2204
Number of tracks 17
Running time 71:34
Year of release/manufacture 1994


Here on disc 4 we get 5 tracks with vocals. Tracks 1, 2, 4, 16 & 17. I am not familiar with any of the movies these tracks are from. Track # 2 has gun shots and singing that sounds as if this might be a Japanese western. Track # 6 sounds like music written for a TV show with some parts sounding like rip offs from "West Side Story" and stock music from old US 50's and early 60's TV shows with a little Can Can thrown in. This track comes across as a badly stitched together suite. Track # 9 starts off like a high action theme reminiscent of 70's TV shows like "Charlie's Angels" or "The Mod Squad". This track too sounds like a stitched together suite of music and even has a section that sounds like circus music. While the title is different, Track # 16 sounds like the Mothra song sung by The Peanuts.

This CD just came off sounding strange to me. Not good or bad, just strange.

Some additional movie info courtesy of Jolyon Yates - 09/05/2002

Aug 19 1961, 75m, dir Koji Ota (New Toei)
Young Shinichi 'Sonny' Chiba is Iron Sharp, defending Earth from conehelmet saucer men.

Apr 7 1960 on, 5 episodes, various directors (Toei TV Pro/NET)
This superhero had begun screen life June 3 1959. He's armed with two pistols and a mocking laugh, and was patterned after The Man in the Moonlight Mask (GEKKO KAMEN, Feb 24 1958).

Dec 21 1966, 73m, dir Hajime Sato (Toei)
The grotesque hero from Atlantis (see booklet cover, upper left) fights Nazo, who has aimed Planetoid Icarus at Earth. GB was created by Takeo Nagamatsu in a 1930 story. He also starred in kami-shibai, manga and a TV anime series (Apr 1 1967-Mar 23 1968).

King Of The Monsters Disc 4

English Title: Science Fiction Movies (The Toho Collection) / Eccentric Comedies
Japanese Title: SF Eiga (Toho-hen) / Ekisentorikku Comedi

Title/(studio/date)/composer credits

  1. Invasion of the Neptune Men, aka 'Space Greyhound'('Uchu Kaisoku-Sen') (Toei 8/19/61) Michiaki Watanabe
  2. Shin Nanairo Kamen aka, 'Spectrum Mask' (TV series) (Toei /TV 4/7/60) Hirooki Ogawa
  3. Battle Beneath the Sea ('Kaitei Daisenso') (Toei 7/1/66) Shunsuke Kikuchi
  4. The Golden Bat ('Ogon Batto') (Toei 12/21/66) Shunsuke Kikuchi
  5. Message from Space ('Uchu Kara No Messeji') (Toei 4/29/78) Ken-Ichiro Morioka
  6. Don't Call Me a Con Man, aka The Great Adventure ('Daiboken') (Toho 10/31/65) Tessho Hagiwara & Kenjiro Hirose
  7. Kureji da yo Kisotengai (Possibly: 'Outlandish, It's Crazy') (Toho 5/28/66) Tessho Hagiwara & Kenjiro Hirose
  8. Fancy Paradise ('Kuso Tengoku') (Toho 8/14/68) Tessho Hagiwara
  9. Kureji no Daibakuhatsu, aka 'The Crazy Cats' Big Explosion' (Toho 4/27/69) Tessho Hagiwara
  10. Kikikaikai Ore wa Dare da? (Literally, 'It's Bizarre. Who Am I?') (Toho 9/27/69) Kenjiro Hirose
  11. Konto Five-Five's Adventure in Outer Space ('Konto 55-go: Uchu Daiboken') (Toho 12/20/69) Kenjiro Hirose
  12. Lupin III, Strange Psychokinetic Strategy (Rupan Sansei, Nenriki Chin-sakusen) (Toho 8/3/74) Masaru Satoh
  13. Blood ('Ore no Chi wa Tanin no Chi') (Shochiku 10/12/74) Hiroshi Takada
  14. My Soul is Slashed, aka 'From Dracula With Love' ('Kamitsukitai') (Toho 6/1/91) Ootani Kou
  15. Mr. Dilemmaman: Lunatic For Lust ('Mr. Dilemman, Shikijo-gurui') (Nikkatsu, 10/679) Composer -Daddy Takechiyo & Tokyo Otoboke Cats
  16. King of the Monsters, Mansion of Secret Treasures 1

  17. Come on Mothra! ('Tonde Koi, Mosura') Koseki & ? [from the Poo LP, Great Science Fiction Movie Themes]
  18. Here Come(s) the Monster(s) ('Kaiju ga Yatte Kuru') 1967 Shunsuke Kikuchi