Title The Film Music Of Akira Kurosawa
CD Label Fun House
CD Number FHCF-2450
Music by: Various
Number of tracks 17
Running time 66:29
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1998


Feb. 10, 2000

This CD is a nice compilation disc of Akira Kurosawa's most famous
music from his films. The tracks here consist of main title themes
for 16 of his films. While there is really nothing here that can't
be found on the more expensive 5 CD Box Set, this is a nice compilation
for those who can't afford the more expensive set and can be content
with the main themes. Track 17 is called "Voice Of Kurosawa" and it
is exactly that. Just a quick 7 second sound bite.

Over the past year or so I have been fortunate enough to track down
and viewmost of Kurosawa's movies. I have seen all the movies on
this CD except for Dreams. I just haven't gotten around to viewing
it yet. Some of the movies are very easy to watch and enjoy and others
are a real chore to get through but all are enjoyable in one way or
another. Some of the music for these films works much better in the
film than as a stand alone listening experience. However most of the
tracks on this CD are easy to listen to and enjoyable by themselves.

I got my copy from WWW.AMAZON.COM. This is a fairly new disc and may
be found elsewhere. The music here is well done and a fine representation
of the many Kurosawa films. In fact this condensed form is probably an
easier listen for the casual fan or someone who hasn't heard the music
before. The tracks are done by a variety of different composers in a
variety of styles. Masaru Satoh (or Sato)did many of the soundtracks
for Kurosawa's films and some of his best work is here.

The Film Music Of Akira Kurosawa

1	Seven Samurai
2	Ikiru
3	Record Of A Living Being
4	The Throne Of Blood
5	The Lower Depths
6	The Hidden Fortress
7	The Bad Sleep Well
8	Yojimbo
9	Sanjuro
10	High And Low
11	Red Beard
12	Dodes' Kaden
13	Dersu Uzala
14	Kagemusha
15	Ran
16	Dreams
17	Voice Of Kurosawa