2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Majin
Japanese Title Daimajin
Movie also known as: Daimajin
Devil Got Angry, The
Majin the Hideous Idol
Majin the Monster of Terror
Majin, Monster of Terror
Majin, the Stone Samurai
Vengeance of the Monster, The
CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCC-13080
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 31
Running time 71:21
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995
Year Movie Released in Japan 1966
Year Movie Released in U.S.(VHS Video) 1999


March 11, 2000

This CD actually has music to all three Majin movies. Tracks # 1-12 are from Daimajin, Tracks # 13-20 are from Daimajin ikaru (1966)(Return of the Giant Majin) and Tracks 21-31 are from The Daimajin gyakushu (1968) (Majin Strikes Again (1968).

As with most music done by Akira Ifukube, this is a good sounding CD that's a joy to listen to. While it is different from the Godzilla scores, it retains enough of that style to be interesting. Like most of these CD's, this one is out of print so if you are lucky enough to find one, grab it.

English Title:	Majin 
Japanese Title:	Daimajin 
From "Majin"

1.	Majin:  Title
2.	The Festival Gets Underway
3.	Kagura Musical Offering to the Gods to Hold Majin Back
4.	Escape
5. 	The Path Leading to the War God Statue
6.	The Downtrodden
7.	The Devil's Mountain
8.	The Curse
9.	Kosasa's Prayer
10.	Majin Appears
11.	Majin's Wrath
12.	Majin:  Ending

From "The Return of Majin"

13.	The Return of Majin:  Title
14.	Foreboding Signs
15.	Funeral Bells
16.	The War God Statue Blown to Pieces
17.	Desperate Struggle at the Manor
18.	Sentenced to Death
19.	Majin Enraged
20.	The Return of Majin:  Ending

From "Majin Strikes Again"

21.	Majin Strikes Again:  Opening
22.	The Decision to Go
23.	Valley of Hell
24.	Off Limits
25.	The War God Statue Mountain Pass
26.	The Bond between Father and Child
27.	Downstream
28.	Tsurukichi's Prayer
29.	Majin on the Snowfields
30.	Majin's Sword
31.	Majin Strikes Again:  Ending Credits