1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Matango
Japanese Title Matango
Movie also known as: Attack Of The Mushroom People
Curse of the Mushroom People
Fungus of Terror
Matango: Fungus of Terror
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-5065
Music by: Sadao Bekku
Sometimes Credited As: Sadao Betsumiya
Sadao Wakemiya
Number of tracks 33
Running time 46:11
Number of discs 1
Year of CD release/manufacture 1995
Year Movie Released in Japan 1963
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1963


Of the 33 tracks on this CD, 17 of them run under a minute each in length with several others barely over the 1 minute mark. Some of the early tracks and track 16 (with female vocals) have a jazz feel to them and are fun to listen to. Track # 3 is a Hawaiian flavored number that sounds like it belongs on "Gilligans's Island". If you've seen the movie, it's the song sung while everyone is on the boat before trouble sets in. The rest of the CD is very repetitious with a slow, suspenseful type sound. It gets pretty boring fast. The sound quality of the CD is great and is in glorious MONO.

While the music on this CD fits the movie perfectly while watching the movie, it doesn't do well as stand-alone music to just listen to. As I said, it's pretty repetitious and gets boring fast. I cannot recommend this CD to anyone except hard core collectors of this type music.

Updated October 24, 2007

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English Title:Attack of the Mushroom People: Original Soundtrack
Japanese Title:  Orijinaru Saundotorakku Matango

 1.	Opening
 2.	Title Theme
 3.	"Sea Breeze"
 4.	Dark Clouds
 5.	Jibing (Changing Course)
 6.	Adrift
 7.	The Transistor Radio
 8.	The Illusion
 9.	The Ukulele(s)
10.	An Isolated Island Shrouded in Mist
11.	Setting Foot on the Desert Island
12.	The Seven Wanderers
13.	The Shipwreck
14.	Matango
15.	Inside the Flames of Disaster
16.	"With Memories"
17.	The Desert Island Enigma
18.	Shadow(s) in the Dark
19.	In the Rain
20.	The Matango Throng *1
21.	When Reason Fails
22.	Sakuda's *2 Betrayal
23.	The Matango in the Rain
24.	The Matango Woman *3
25.	A Million and One Matango
26.	The Two Remaining People
27.	Sakuda's *2 Will and Testament
28.	Murai and Akiko: The Matango Attack
29.	The Terror of Matango
30.	Akiko Gets Taken Away
31.	Pushed to the Extreme
32.	Ending
33.	Transistor Radio: Copy

*1	This could also be translated as:
	"The Matango Herd", "The Matango Horde", 
	"The Matango Pack", etc.  
*2	Although the Kanji characters in this title 
	are typically pronounced "Sakuda", the IMDB 
	lists a character in this movie whose name 
	is "Sakeda.
*3	Or possibly, 'The Matango Women'.