2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Message From Space
Japanese Title: Uchu kara no messeji
Also Known As: Message From Space: Galactic Wars
CD Label: Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number: COCX-30124
Music by: Ken Ichiro Morioka
& Shunsuke Kikuchi
Number of tracks: 23
Running time: 72:39
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: October 21, 1998
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1978
Year Movie Released in U.S.: 1978


June 24, 2000

This is a fully packed CD with a running time of over 72 minutes. I found the music on this CD to be not bad but not great either. It was sort of a middle-of-the-road listening experience. The music was a good mix of slower tunes with faster action oriented pieces. Some pieces employed a synthesizer. The score reminded me of something that could have been written for an anime movie or a TV movie.

All in all this was a pleasant, relaxing listening experience but unless you are a fan of the film or can find it cheaply, it's not worth spendinga lot of money on.

English Title:	Symphonic Suite:  MESSAGE from SPACE
Japanese Title: Kokyo Kumikyoku: Uchu kara no Messeji 

Translations by Silver Bridges
 - http://www.silverbridges.com/

1.	Overture: Theme of Emeralida
2.	Planet Millazalea
3.	Dancing Millazalean
4.	Spin Rock
5.	Space Navigation
	Space Fireflies - The Prayer-Star - Attack of Gavanas
6.	Our Planet, Sweet Earth
7.	Space Battle
8.	Space Runaway
9.	Theater Restaurant Band
10.	Brave Hero of Liabe
11.	Final Theme of Emeralida

Bonus Tracks
12.	The Prayer of the Jillucians  (Movie Version)
13.	Space Burial - General Garuda
14.	The Prayer-Star Adrift
15.	Emeralida in Crisis
16.	Liabe's Truth *1 Revisited
17.	Our Planet, Sweet Earth  (Movie Version)
18.	The Gavanas Mega-Fortress
19.	Hans from the Red Star
20.	D-Day
21.	The Adulterer's *2 True Identity - The Death of Urocco
22.	Brave Hero of Liabe (Single Version)
23.	Theme of Emeralida (Long Version)

*1	Or possibly 'Liabe's Core Revisited'.
*2	Or possibly 'Adulteress'.