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This information courtesy of David Hirsch

Title: Mothra 2: Great Battle on the Seabed
Japanese Title: Mosura 2
Movie also known as: Rebirth Of Mothra II
Music by: Toshiyuki Watanabe
CD Label: Polygram
CD Number: POCX-1089/1090
Number of tracks: Disc 1 - 38
Disc 2 - 21
Running time: Disc 1 - 56:24
Disc 2 - 36:14
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: 1998
Year Movie Released in Japan 1997
Year Movie Released in U.S. VHS Tape - Aug. 3, 1999
DVD Released in U.S.: Double DVD, Columbia/Tri-Star #04691, Feb. 2000
Also has 1996 "Rebirth Of Mothra"


Funny thing, when comparing this score to the other two in the series, I was actually let down. Not because this a bad score, far from it, it still rises far and above much of the film music down today with their lackluster monothematic motifs. Toshiyuki Watanabe delivers a wonderful score, but it lacks the dynamic nature that so enamored me to the previous film score, either due to budget constraints or recording techniques. The sound is small, with none of that grandiose power that, thankfully, he recaptured in MOTHRA 3. And, there are no new songs!That said, the CD features some fine themes, particularly Gohgo’s playful motif and the lovely Princess Yuna’s theme. Dagahara’s theme plods along no better of worse than Death Ghidorah’s, but hey, he’s just a monster and not the real villains of this story. As with the previous “Complete” collection, this set contains the full score, alternate takes, and the Karaoke version of “Song of Mothra.” There are also sound effects on the end of CD 2 and a Mac/Windows CD-ROM section featuring screen captures of the monsters, suitable for desktop pictures.

-- David Hirsch

(Mosura 2)
Music: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Polygram POCX-1089/1090


  1. Opening Titles
  2. Approaching Storm
  3. Strange Things from the Water
  4. At the Cape
  5. An Encounter with Gohgo
  6. Chase the Girl
  7. Belvera
  8. The Sisters Chase
  9. Healing Power
10. Belvera and the Men
11. The Myth
12. Submarine Attack
13. To the Adventurous World 1
14. To the Adventurous World 2 - Nilai Kamai
15. The Rising
16. Dagahra Attacks
17. To Save the Earth - Song of Mothra
18. Kidnapped
19. Dagahra - A Landing
20. Mothra Arrives - Mothra vs. Dagahra 1
21. Mothra vs. Dagahra 2
22. Escape from the Kidnappers
23. Mothra vs. Dagahra 3
24. Hide
25. The Wall
26. Desperate Determination 
	- Song of Mothra 
	- To the Bottom of the Sea
27. Mothra Struggles
28. Mothra in a Pinch 
29. Killer Starfish
30. Fairy to the Rescue
31. The Wall Opens
32. The Treasure Room
33. Princess Yuna Appears
34. Dagahra Transforms
35. Princess Yuna’s Theme
36. Dagahra Attacks - Destruction
37. Kotani’s Sacrifice
38. Collapse of the Invisible Bridge


  1. Fireball - Belvera Helps
  2. Yuna Channels Power
  3. Mothra vs. Dagahra 4
  4. Metamorphosis of a Miracle
  5. Big Battle on the Sea Bed
  6. End of the Myth
  7. To the Children of a New Civilization
  8. Strange Things from the Water
  9. At the Cape
10. Belvera
11. The Sisters Chase
12. Submarine Attack
13. To the Adventurous World 2 - Nilai Kamai
14. To Save the Earth - Song of Mothra (Karaoke)
15. Mothra Arrives - Mothra vs. Dagahra 1
16. Hide
17. Fairy to the Rescue
18. Dagahra Transforms
19. Yuna Channels Power
20. Big Battle on the Sea Bed
        Mothra (2)
        Mothra Flight (3)
        Sea Mothra (3)
        Dagahra (4)
        Gohgo (6)