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Title: Welcome To Godzilla Island
Music Composed by: Akira Ifukube (mostly)
CD Label: PolyGram
CD Number: POCX-1093
Number of tracks: 38
Running time: 63:18
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1997


This is one of the CD's I ordered from CD Japan. I found it doing a search on Akira Ifukube. This is basically another "Best Of" disc and if you already have one, then this one is unnecessary. It's not bad but there are better ones out there. Based on what little English is in the liner notes, this CD concentrates on the years 1954-1974. The tracks are in Mono & Stereo. Even though I found this CD under a search on Akira Ifukube, I believe there are tracks on here that he did not do. Track #1 features the same Godzilla stomping and roar from the 1954 film that seems to be popping up on these "Best Of" discs. There really isn't anything new here except for maybe Track #38 which features a brief roar at the beginning and then a mercifully short, annoying, pop type Godzilla tune.

Most of this CD was probably licensed from Futureland /Toshiba-EMI since it carries the "Monster Music" logo. All tracks were previously released prior to 1977 except for Track # 38 with a date of 1997.

Additional info courtesy of Sam Scali - March 10, 2000

The "Welcome to Godzilla Island" CD was released in conjunction with a Japanese TV series called "Godzilla Island". The pop track at the end of the CD is the theme for the show. (I have no clue exactly what kind of show it is, and if it really uses the older music on the CD)

English Title: Welcome to Godzilla Island
Japanese Title: Gojira Airando

From the Movie "Godzilla"
1.	Footsteps M.E. 
2.	Main Title
3.	The Frigate March I

From the Movie "Gigantis, The Fire Monster"
4.	The Kobayashi Machine and Godzilla
5.	The Air Corps Launches an Offensive

From the Movie "King Kong vs. Godzilla"
6.	Main Title
7.	The Cry of Majin *1
8.	The Confrontation at Fuji

From the Movie "Godzilla vs. The Thing"
9.	Main Title 
10.	Kombinat Attack
11.  	Attack Plan B:  The Electro-firing Net

From the Movie "Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster" 
12.	Main Title 
13.	The Fury of the Gravity Beam

From the Movie "Monster Zero" 
14.	Main Title 
15.	Monster Zero

From the Movie "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster" 
16.	Main Title 
17.	Escape from the Base 
18.	Ebirah's Fury

From the Movie "Son of Godzilla" 
19.	Main Title 
20.	Preparing for the Final Experiment
21.  	'Snow Falls on the Island(s) in the South'

From the Movie "Destroy All Monsters" 
22.	The Monsters Pow-wow on Earth *2
23.	The Missile War to Protect the Capital 
24.	Four Monsters Attack Tokyo

From the Movie "Godzilla's Revenge"
25.	The Appearance of Gabara 
26.	Godzilla vs. Gabara 

From the Movie "Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster"
27.	Opening
28.	Our Energy I

From the Movie "Godzilla on Monster Island" 
29.	Main Title/New Edition
30.	The Rescue Operation Gets Underway

From the Movie "Godzilla vs. Megalon"
31.	Opening
32.	The Monster Tag-Team Match I

From the Movie "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla"
33.	The Appearance of Mechagodzilla
34.	Main Title
35.	The Three Monsters' Showdown in Okinawa! [I]

From the Movie "The Terror of Mechagodzilla"
36.	Main Title
37.	Godzilla vs. The Two Giant Monsters

(Bonus Track)
38.	Godzilla's Theme (Album Version)

*1	Or possibly 'The Cry of the Devil'.
*2	Or possibly 'The Earth Monsters Pow-wow'.