1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Secret Of The Telegian
Japanese Title: Denso Ningen
Movie also known as: The Telegian
The Telegraphed Man
The Electrical Facsimile Human
CD Label: SLC, Inc.
CD Number: SLCS-5066
Music by: Sei Ikeno
Number of tracks: 34
Running time: 44:14
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1995
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1960
Year Movie Released in U.S.: 1961


This CD starts off with a great mystery/suspense type cut that immediately grabs you. Track 2 gives us music sounding like it's coming from an old radio and will be instantly recognizable as music that is often heard in circuses. The CD then goes into several very short cues of suspense type music. There are 34 tracks on this CD with 14 of them under 1 minute with many as short as 6 - 10 seconds each. Track 13 has a jazz type feel to it and sounds like something that might be played in an old style jazz club.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how listenable and good the music on this CD was. I have seen this movie and the music also works well with the visuals.

U.S. Title:     Secret Of The Telegian
Japanese Title: Denso Ningen

1.	Main Title
2.	Thriller Show
3.	Homicide Case
4.	Cryotron
5.	The Victim's Personal Effects
6.	The Guy Buying the Cooling Device(s)
7.	The Two Meet
8.	The Muzzle
9.	Cabaret Daihonei [1]
10.	Old Imperial Army Dog Tags
11.	Cabaret Daihonei [2]
12.	Recorded Threat
13.	Cabaret Daihonei [3]
14.	The Ghost of Squad Leader Sudo
15.	Cabaret Daihonei [4]
16.	Pursuit [1]
17.	Telegian in the Warehouse District
18.	First Lieutenant Onishi Recollects
19.	Bayonet(s) of Malice
20.	The Bouquet(s)
21.	The Key to Cracking the Case
22.	Otani Ranch, the Asama Highlands
23.	Constructing an Alibi [1]
24.	The Appearance of Telegian
25.	Pursuit [2]
26.	Constructing an Alibi [2]
27.	The Transistor Radio(s)
28.	Final Notice of Murder 
29.	The Whereabouts of the Bayonet Devil
30.	Sudo, Fiend of Vengeance
31.	Pursuit [3]
32.	Ending
33.	Transistor Radio(s): Sound Clips
34.	Squad Leader Sudo's Theme (not used)