2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title A Tribute To Godzilla
Symphonic Fantasia Complete
CD Label King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number KICS-775
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 29
Running time 43:19
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1999


June 6, 2000

Nothing here we haven't heard before but a well done CD anyway. This is billed as the 1983 Complete Godzilla Fantasia. It was composed in 1983 and recorded in 1995. My only complaint is that with all this great music the running time is a bit on the short side. The CD has been out of print since 2001.

What can I say, all the great Akira Ifukube music is here and sounds great. If you already have any of the other "Godzilla Fantasia" compilations out there, then this CD is a bit redundant. If you don't have one, then this is the one worth looking for.

Additional information June 12, 2001 courtesy of Sam Scali

This CD, "A Tribute To Godzilla Symphonic Fantasia Complete" (KICS-775) is actually the exact same recording as the "Symphonic Fantasia" on "ARTISTRY OF IFUKUBE Vol. 4" (KICC-178), recorded in 1995 and conducted by Hirokami. Obviously the "ARTISTRY" CD is a better buy because it includes an additional track, "RONDO IN BURLESQUE FOR JAPANESE DRUM AND ORCHESTRA", which does not appear on the "Tribute" disc.


 1	Godzilla Appears
 2	Intermezzo
 3	Theme from "Godzilla"
 4	Theme from "King Kong vs Godzilla"
 5	Night music from "Battle In Outer Space"
 6	Horreur music from "Frankenstein Conquers The World"
 7	Godzilla and Rodan from "Ghidrah"
 8	Theme from "Battle In Outer Space"
 9	Theme from "Destroy All Monsters"
10	Fighting music from "Battle In Outer Space"


11	Theme from "Adventure At Kiganjoh"
12	Ghidrah's theme from "Ghidrah"
13	Battle music from "King Kong vs Godzilla"
14	Sacred fountain from "Godzilla vs The Thing"
15	Theme from "Varan The Unbelieveable"
16	Mountain scenery from "Ghidrah"
17	Escape music from "King Kong Escapes"
18	Element X from "King Kong Escapes"
19	Army march from "War Of The Gargantuas"
20	Flying music from "Rodan"
21	Army march from "War Of The Gargantuas"


22	Opening from "Destroy All Monsters"
23	Mechanikong's theme from "King Kong Escapes"
24	Beauty and Animal from "King Kong Escapes"
25	Theme from "Atragon"
26	Transport music from "King Kong vs Godzilla"
27	Kong and octopus from "King Kong vs Godzilla"
28	March from "Atragon"
29	Battle march from "The Mysterians"