2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Yamato Takeru
US Movie Title: Orochi: The Eight Headed Dragon
CD Label: Platinum Records
CD Number: POCH-7001
Music by: Kiyoko Ogino
Number of tracks: 16
Running time: 73:34
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1994
Movie released in Japan: 1994
Movie released in US (video): 1999


April 29, 2000

This CD is the score to the 1994 movie "Yamato Takeru" which was released on video in 1999 in the US as "Orochi: The Eight Headed Dragon". I've seen the film and it has some nice special effects and action sequences. It's a fantasy film in the vein of those various Sinbad movies.

I enjoyed this CD and found it had a great mix of different types of music. Some of it was action oriented, some suspenseful and some romantic. Nothing here was real memorable and won't have you humming the themes but they were good. Not great, but good. Some of the themes reminded me of music you might hear in a US "Made for TV" movie of the week.

The music works well in the movie and is easily enjoyable as a stand alone piece.

October 29, 2007

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English Title:		Yamato Takeru

Music by Kiyoko Ogino (except tracks 13 & 16)

 1.	Main Title
 2.	Twisted Fate
 3.	The Inner Beast Awakened
 4.	Knowledge and Power
 5.	Beyond the Universe
 6.	MaGaTaMa
 7.	Messenger(s) of Light from Heaven
 8.	Unchanging Destiny
 9.	Darkness Returns
10.	Oh, Beautiful Sword!
11.	The Warrior(s) of God and the Three Lights
12.	Silhouette Romance
13.	RAIN (Instrumental)
	Composed by Yoshiki/Takuro	   Arranged by Kiyoko Ogino
14.	Prologue of the Gods
15.	Heaven's Decree
16.	RAIN
	Lyrics by Yoshiki     Composed by Yoshiki/Takuro   
	Arranged by Yoshiki	    Song by Glay